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Our Ethos

At SmartWatches4U we understand that the definition of how a smartwatch should function and be styled is different for each consumer. A smartwatch is a wearable item and as it is always on show it is an extension of your personality and personal style. That's why we have the most diverse coverage available. Whether your big into fitness activities or you like to stay connected with notifications at a glance on your wrist. Here you will find a wearable technology product to fit you.

Our Vision

We envision that smartwatches will succeed traditional watches in the future. The extra functionality smartwatches offer over traditional watches is crucial to this. Already, we are seeing Swiss watchmakers – including Swatch Group - launch smartwatches in response to this shift in consumer behaviour, and early this year, it was reported that the global shipments of smartwatches outpaced those of Swiss watches.

News Articles, Feature Articles and Social Media

Our news articles are professionally written, original and proof read before being added to our website. We aim to cover all things smartwatch and wearable technology. From the new smartwatches being developed to available software updates, market outlooks and applications for your ever evolving smart devices. We keep everything as factual and as current as possible only adding news articles we believe are accurate at the time of writing.

Taking our social aspirations seriously we currently run Facebook, Twitter and Google + accounts. Which are regularly kept up to date with news from SmartWatches4U and other authoritative websites. We see new people interacting with us on a daily basis in the form of social media. This is an excellent way to connect people with the latest smartwatch information and also connect people to our website.


We are building a comprehensive SmartWatch FAQ to answer all the questions you may have regarding smartwatch technology and SmartWatches4U. This can be found here.

The Team

Martin Simkin - Co-Founder and Editor in Chief - @MartinS1mk1n

After following and predicting the latest developments in technology over many years Martin was foretelling the popularity of smartwatches long before the term was set in stone and the first generation Apple Watch was announced to the masses.

Nothing gets him more excited than new technology announcements and the prospect of technology firms working together with traditional watch makers to make beautiful practical timepieces. Being a guy who has always worn watches in the past he sees it as the natural progression of the wrist watch. He now predicts the eventual health benefits as more complicated sensors are built into smartwatches as the next big leap forward.

Mikey Price - Co-Founder and Operational Excellence Manager - @Mik3ypric3

As Mikey's fancy job title applies it is his job to think outside, inside and all around the box. Taking processes and improving them is his game. When he is not busy working you will find him supporting his beloved Liverpool FC and telling everyone they are the greatest football club in the world. (Other football clubs are available).

As a tech enthusiast and a gamer, we promise you that he isn't as biased when it comes to technology reporting.

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