Smartwatches are fast becoming a big part of the tech savvy individual’s attire. Interested in getting an elegant looking smartwatch that has more traditional looks familiar to rich watch heritage. The Cogito Classic Smartwatch could be just the watch for you.

The Cogito smartwatch is an extension of your phone and does not try to act like a replacement. It comes with a set of LED icons that light up when there is a notification waiting on your smartphone handset. The company believes that this is the ideal way one should use a smartwatch.

The classic watch notifies you whenever you are receiving a phone call, email, or a text message. The watch also notifies you about calendar events and social media messages. You can customize the settings of the watch and choose for yourself which notifications you would like on the watch face. You can also remotely control your snap photos and music with this device. When paired with an Android or iOS operating system, the Cogito Classic allows you to mute or answer incoming calls. With built in activity monitoring you can track your steps and total amount of calories burned in a day providing a simple and functional solution. Helping you to stay motivated and active.

In addition to all that the watch comes with enhanced water resistance for active users. Cogito Classic is ideal for you to have when faced with situations where you cannot keep your phone in your hand and quick glance interactions. You will not have to worry about dealing with tangling wires with this device either. The Bluetooth Smart Technology uses so little energy that the smartwatch can easily go on months undisturbed simply with the conventional button cell batteries.

COGITO CLASSIC Smartwatch is compatible with iOS7, iOS8, Android 4.3 devices and higher.

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