Frequently Asked Questions

Is my mobile phone compatible with Android Wear?

You can find out whether your phone is compatible with Android Wear quickly and easily by following this link from your phone browser:


I want to learn more about Android Wear?

You can learn more about the functions and features within Android Wear at:


Is my mobile phone compatible with the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


I want to learn more about the Apple Watch?

You can learn more about the functions and features within the Apple Watch at:


Is my mobile phone compatible with every SmartWatch?

The compatibility of your mobile phone with a certain SmartWatch depends on the software your mobile phone is running. Unless that SmartWatch is a standalone device.


What is a standalone device?

A standalone device is a SmartWatch that doesn't need to be tethered to a mobile phone to use all of it's features.


What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable Tecnology is defined as a type of technology that is designed to be worn. The wearable technology market continues to expand and contains but is not exclusive to smartwatches, activity trackers, headphones, action cameras and virtual reality headsets. It has become a popular topic for discussion and is also referred to as wearables.


I have heard people refer to OS on smartwatches what does this meen?

OS is short for 'operating system' and is the main software that is running on a smartwatch. It manages the computer hardware and software within said smartwatch. Google Android Wear and watch OS are popular operating sytems within smartwatches today.


What is an e-paper display on a smartwatch?

Compared to conventional backlit displays that emit light with e-paper displays you get a reflection of light like paper. This normally makes them easier to read and provides a wider viewing angle. They perform especially well in direct sunlight unlike some other display technologies. One prominent smartwatch manufacturer to currently use e-paper display technology is Pebble.


Are SmartWatches Waterproof?

Believe it or not a great deal of smartwatches produced today are waterproof even though they use electronic components. They have build qualities to that of traditional watches. We recommend you read the products specification before purchasing a smartwatch to understand the extent to which that particular model is waterproof.


Smartwatches have sensors built in but what are they for?

Due to the fact that a smartwatch is a wearable item that is worn and in close vicinity to the skin they often have sensor technology built in as standard. Some of the most common sensors currently on the market today include skin temperature sensors, gyrometer, GPS, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, microphone, capacitive sensor, UV sensor, and galvanic skin response sensors. All these have varying functions for tracking your health and fitness needs. Including activity tracking and sleep tracking, right through to tracking your heartbeat. In the future it is predicted that even more sensors will be packed inside smartwatches to give you a detailed overall picture of your health. The sensors included in a certain smartwatch will depend on which model you choose to buy.


Can I purchase my products directly from your website?

No. At this time the business model of our website is through affiliations only. We do however only partner with reputable associate companies.


What is an affiliate Company?

Affiliate companies are a type of performance-based marketing company in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. This means that each time you purchase a product from one of our "Buy Now" links or other link within our website we get paid a fee for marketing on behalf of said company.


What if I want to return my purchase?

We would hope that all your transactions meet your expectations. However on the occasions where it does not, you should follow the standard returns process as outlined by the company in which you made your purchase.


Do I pay extra for my purchase to offset the fee that is paid to you?

Certainly not. You would pay the same if you visited the vendor directly. It is not paid from an inflated price as a result of visiting through our site.


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