Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the HUAWEI Watch.

Inspired by the designs of luxury Swiss watches, but with the latest technology built in, the HUAWEI Watch is as functional as it is beautiful. You will be blown away by the HUAWEI Watch’s hand polished stainless steel case and your eyes will be locked onto the stunning round display that’s protected by sapphire crystal, the material of choice for Rolex, Patek Phillipe and other Swiss watchmakers.

At 42mm, this smartwatch sits in the sweet spot for size and it isn’t bulky either, with a case depth of 11.3mm. It’s impeccably well-made and transcends all other smartwatches for feel and quality. It really is that good.

But don’t be fooled into thinking the HUAWEI Watch is all show and no go, because it’s also one of the most feature-packed smartwatches on the market. Dominating the front of the watch is a 1.4-inch round AMOLED display. At the time of launch, this display had the highest resolution of any Android Wear watch, and it shows, with media showing a real ‘pop’ no matter the brightness. And as a sign of the times, the display doesn’t have a black bar at the bottom like most other round smartwatch screens (we’re looking at you, Motorola), and this gives the HUAWEI an ultra-clean modern look.

Android Wear

The Watch is ready to go out of the box after a short set up process, and you can choose from stock watch faces developed by Google, or a selection of watch faces that have been developed by HUAWEI. The software offers a slick experience being Android Wear, and the Watch is compatible with Android devices and Apple devices. Battery life is also fantastic. HUAWEI claim you will get 1.5 days out of it on a single charge, but a lot of people are getting around 2. This is in stark contrast to other smartwatches with similar features and power to the HUAWEI Watch, which will only get you through a day at best, and it is testament to HUAWEI’s vision of creating a smartwatch designed to be worn.

Choose from a standard Stainless Steel Watch with a Leather, Stainless Steel Mesh or Stainless Steel Link Strap, a ‘stealth’ version with a black DLC (that stands for Diamond-Like-Carbon, which is tougher than PVD) coating and a DLC stainless steel link band, or two Rose Gold-plated versions. All straps are available separately, if you want to mix up your style.

For 2016, HUAWEI have launched two new designs for ladies in the form of the Elegant and Jewel. These have 44mm cases and are a little thicker, at 12.45mm. The Elegant has a Clous De Paris pattern on the bezel and a gold case, while the Jewel has a Swarovski Zirconia-embedded bezel and a gold case. Far from tacky, these versions of the HAUWEI Watch look great and they are the ideal gift for that special someone.

Overall, the HUAWEI Watch is one of the best Android Wear devices on the market today.

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