Martian Notifier

Martian Notifier makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology on iOS and Android operating systems. It comes equiped with customized vibration functionality so you can feel eyes free what notification you are receiving. Not only this but you can select which notifications you would like to receive so that you have a personal experience that tailors to your social needs.

The watch comes with a stainless steel case. The analog design has been specifically selected so that it keeps up with the times. You are able to see the analog hands on the watch in the dark thanks to the glow in the dark hands that have been selected. The OLED display clearly shows the time on the round dial. The notification bar is all about making things clearly visible, so that users have no difficulty viewing important notifications. The screen has an anti-scratch, acrylic display. Another feature is that you can dismiss a notification or recall it after five minutes time when you initially received it by simply just touching the glass. The built in lithium polymer battery can last for up to 6 days and takes only 3 hours for a full charge. The watch can also be charged using a USB cord connected to a computer or a power adapter. There are a variety of beautifully colourful watch bands and dials to choose from.

The Martian smartwatch lets you stay in touch with the latest news from plenty of today's best loved apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can even use it as a phone camera remote control. The Martian Notifier smartwatch provides alerts when you start straying from the range of your phone. This way it is easier to find it even if it is on mute a tone in your phone will be activated.

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