Microsoft Band

Microsoft officially entered the wearables industry last year by introducing its very first smart band, called Microsoft Band. Whether you want to track your progress towards your fitness goals or just skim social media updates, Microsoft Band does it all by connecting you to your Apple, Android, and Windows smart phones.

Design and Display

The wristband is 19mm wide and 8.7mm thick and made from thermal plastic elastomer. The band is available in three different sizes with an adjustable fit clasp that allows you to loosen up the band. As it is stuffed to the rim with technology and dual lithium-ion batteries, Microsoft Band is slightly thicker compared to other smartbands and weighs around 2.12 ounces. Microsoft Band has an 11mm X 33mm touchscreen, which has a Windows esque look because of the tile based user interface. The screen display is responsive and graphics plus fonts are very appealing.

Battery and Performance

Microsoft Band is charged with dual 100mAh lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Microsost claims that the battery lasts for two days on normal use and is fully charged in 1.5 hours with the magnetic-clip USB cable that comes with the device as standard. Microsoft Band outshines its competitors in terms of the technology and processing power that it offers. The smartband has 64MB internal storage and it is compatible with pretty much every Apple, Android, and Windows phone.

Additional Features

Microsoft Band is stuffed with 10 different types of sensors for all your fitness tracker and activity tracker needs. Including a skin temperature sensor, gyrometer, GPS, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, microphone, capacitive sensor, UV sensor, and galvanic skin response sensor. With the Microsoft Health app the user can track and store their activity data and monitor their progress easily with the graphical representations and comparative analysis. With Microsoft Band, the users can also check text and email notifications, calendar updates, social media updates, and incoming call alerts right on their wrists.

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