Pebble Time



With all the hype around smartwatches, if you are looking for a watch for the people by the people to call your own, get your hands on Pebble Time now. Boasting the most well funded kickstarter campaign in history the first feature that you will notice on this watch is the clever 64bit colour e-paper display. The screen is legible in day light without any drain on the battery, which is one great feature Pebble is famous for on all of its products. This adds up to a fantasticly retro styled smartwatch.

There is no touch screen display to be found here just four easy to use buttons instead. Pebble Time has voice features for voice notes and quick notes plus thousands of apps which keeps it in-line with some of the more prominent manufacturers in the technology industry. The watch will soon be available in five different languages and features thousands of custom watch faces in it's very own app store. It's constantly evolving with more added every single day.

The watch offers quick voice notes as responses for the messages that you receive in place of a direct call from the display menu. Pebble Time has a battery that will last for a week and charge within an hour which is excellent as far as the battery performance is concerned. The smartwatch is entirely water proof up to 30 meters without compromising on the microphone and assortment of sensors it has including the magnetometer and accelerometer for example. It has everything you need to meet your fitness and activity tracking needs. Add to this sleep tracking and an assortment of apps from Jawbone, Fitocracy, Runkeeper and Misfit. Pebble Time is a curved smartwatch specifically designed for ease to wear on the users wrist, with rounded corners, a bezel that is stainless steel, Gorilla Glass display, and a 22mm silicone watch band as standard.

Pebble Time supports iOS and Android devices including smartphones by Motorola, LG, Sony and Samsung to name just a few.


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