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Apple Watch Sales Facts

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For weeks now the internet has been rife with speculation on how the Apple Watch sales have been performing since it's release. The usual doom and gloom has followed that is unfortunately accompanied with a new product release. Haven't you heard the new Apple Watch is a none starter? Well apparently not according to the higher powers to be at Apple. Rightfully so as thankfully they have finally shed some facts on the sales performance of the Apple smartwatch. Which leads us to our article Apple Watch Sales Facts.

Apple’s CFO, Luca Maestri, confirmed sales of the Apple Watch exceeded that of their star products, the iPhone and iPad, in their first nine weeks of availability. This considering that the iPad sold over 3 million units in the first 11 weeks we know Apple Watch sales are for sure above that figure. Pretty impressive for a product that was apparently not delivering.

Infact it had been speculated that Apple Watch sales had fallen off a cliff since it's official launch but this is not so, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple has confirmed that it actually turns out that June was the best performing month so far surpassing April and May. Totally to the contrary of speculated reports. Infact this was achieved with supply of the smartwatch trailing demand.

Tim Cook went on to confirm that they are planning to expand channels before the holiday season as they are expecting it to be a top gift, as you would expect. Traditional watches have always done very well around the holiday season so you would expect it to fall quite nicely within the gift category. Looking to the future Apple have reported that they are extremely happy with the customer sat levels which usually indicates that a product will do fairly well over time. Apple Watch is curently set in the 'other products' category that has seen an increase from $1.7 billion to $2.66 billion dollars.

So why doesn't Apple want to share with us the exact sales numbers. They must be hiding something right? Well Apple actually stated back in December several months ago that they wouldn't disclose exact shipments of their smartwatch at this time. Tim Cook has confirmed that it's not that they don't want to be transparent it's just that they don't want to give the insight to the competition. In our opinion for good reason too as the smartwatch category is a new and evolving product category. Everyone is still figuring out exactly what works and what consumers want. There are so many variations of the Apple Watch to cater for just that reason. So their not about to tell everyone else what they have learned within the short time they have been in the smartwatch market.

All this being said, beating the score of the iPad and iPhone is definitely a welcome jump for the Apple Watch and a big surprise for pessimists and skeptics when the device was announced.

Source: 9TO5Mac

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