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Fossil Gives The Green Light To Smartwatch Partnership

by in News .

Fossil recently announced they will be making a smartwatch which adds to the other traditional watchmaking giants that have confirmed they will be producing smartwatches in the future. Which include the likes of Casio, Swatch and TAG. The device will be running the Android Wear operating system which is a favourite with current manufacturers.

Fossil have achieved this new direction by a partnership with Intel and it was at Intel's developer conference where we got our first glimpse of the Android Wear smartwatch.

Details at the moment are minimal we know that it is going to be a round face device and currently features the same 'flat tyre' effect that the first generation Moto 360 has. The model being displayed had a silver finish and leather straps. They went on to make comment that the Fossil smartwatch will be made available to consumers by the holiday season but didn't give any confirmation on pricing. If Fossil's traditional watches are anything to go by you would expect it to be competitively priced. In the scale of watch market pricing.

Separate to their smartwatch Fossil are also working on a connected band and a connected watch. The connected watch is slightly different to a smartwatch as it won't have as many features as a device running Android Wear. The conference was just a teaser for things to come in the future and we should hear more concrete details soon.

It is excellent to see another major player in the watch industry embrace smartwatches. The big technology companies can learn alot from the traditional watch industry in the styling department and vice versa for traditional watch makers when it comes to hardware and software. Hopefully this will be a fantastic partnership that benefits all parties.


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