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Just When Tech Savvy Enthusiasts Thought They Had It All

by in News .

Google recently announced a new smartwatch and it's more about the bearer’s health than it is about sending off notifications. Due to this it is the wearable item that comes brimming with sensors and tracking features that no other device currently has on the market. Google announced that the watch has been designed for clinical trials and testing drugs instead of common consumer use. The amount of sensor features that the watch can work with is incredibly impressive. It is capable of tracking noise levels, light exposure, skin temperature, heart rhythm and the users pulse.

Experts can only assume all this is on top of the conventional steps taken and tracking features that we are all getting more familiar with today. The new watch may not as yet be aimed towards consumers but that is not a gaurentee that it will not be in the future. Right now, its use is specifically for doctors. Google’s head of life sciences, Andy Conrad, claims that their team imagines that 2 or 3 decades down the road they will see healthy, normal people casually donning one of these smartwatches. That being said, the watch remains a part of Google X, and it is that famed secretive team’s job among others at Google to determine matters such as that.

Now the health tracking features in this announced watch line up nicely with pre launch rumors of what Apple’s smartwatch might have been able to do. There are companies that specialize in specific and advanced tracking of things like sugar levels in your blood stream by implication through the skin. Some of these companies have seen buyouts by large technology companies over the last few years. Maybe one day this technology will be in a store near you and will be an advance in health monotoring we take for granted. If it makes us all healthier and live longer I for one hope so.

Latest update: 11/12/2016

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