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Octopus is a Smartwatch for Children – and a Godsend for Parents

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As any parent would tell you, life is hard with young children. It’s enjoyable, fun and fulfilling, but it’s hard. So when something comes along that makes life a little easier – such as Bonjela for teething, or the Amazon Fire tablet for quenching boredom – it can be absolutely wonderful.

So today we hope to introduce you to the next big thing – or what has the potential to be at least. It’s called Octopus, and it’s a smartwatch for children.


Octopus is an educational timepiece for children aged 3 to 8 years old. Unlike other smartwatches on the market, this smartwatch grows with your child. Not in the conventional sense, but in terms of features and software. For instance, Octopus works in three distinct time modes. Mode 1 makes it incredibly easy for young children to tell the time through association, or icons. At 7:30pm, for instance, it will show a person tucked into bed. Mode 2 shows the time digitally along with the day and date. Mode 3 shows an analogue clock, which is by far the trickiest way to tell the time.

But there’s more. Yes, this is a smartwatch, so it does more than tell the time. Octopus can be hooked up at a parent’s smartphone and tasks can be sent to the watch. This is perfect for adding routine to a child’s day. So for example, the watch can be programmed easily to display a visual reminder that it is time for a child to brush their teeth. Or, a child could see a visual indication that it’s time to feed the fish, or time for dinner or time to take a bath.

Above all else, Octopus is fun. It’s a fun, chic educational device for children. And the best part? There’s no games, no messaging and nothing to distract from scheduling and routine, so parents aren’t going to find their child using their Octopus as a toy. The creators, Joy, want parents to see Octopus as a tool, and they have pitched their smartwatch firmly at parents who want to bring educational content to their children in real-time. Furthermore, it is claimed that Octopus can help children with attention and behavioural issues.


Octopus isn’t on sale in shops just yet – it’s a Kickstarter campaign instead. However, it has already smashed the $50,000 target with over $350,000 pledged. You can still back the project – a $59 pledge bags you one Octopus Watch while a $98 pledge bags you two. This is significantly cheaper than many rivals, and you get everything you need to get started in the box, including a charging cable, access to the Android or iOS app and a charging station.

You can make your pledge or find out more about Octopus at the official Kickstarter page.


Latest update: 14/02/2017

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