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The Chronos Disc Will Turn your Traditional Watch into a Smartwatch

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If you have a traditional watch on your wrist that you love, then you probably aren’t interested in buying a smartwatch. Because for all their useful gadgetry and fitness-tracking features, they aren’t the watch you fell in love with.

Thankfully, there’s now a solution available to you, if you’d like to keep the watch you love on your wrist while also tracking your activity. It’s called the Chronos disc.

The Chronos Disc

The Chronos Disc is an innovative device that can transform a traditional watch into a hybrid smartwatch. Simply put, you install it onto the back case of your watch, through a non-magnetic micro-suction assembly, and it then tracks your activity.

The disc itself has an unobtrusive design. It’s made from stainless steel and it’s around the same size as a quarter. It’s 33mm in diameter and 3mm in thickness. It has its own rechargeable battery, which lasts for 2 days between charges, and it has a charging dock that allows you to keep the disc on your watch while it’s charging.

On the wrist, a watch with the Chronos disc installed is virtually indistinguishable to a watch without one. Granted, the watch is slightly raised on the wrist, however being 3mm thick, it isn’t that noticeable. Crucially, this means you can add smartwatch functionality to your much-loved watch and you won’t notice the difference in day-to-day wear.

Chronos Disc Features

The Chronos disc connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It has its own application, however at this present time it’s only available on Apple devices running iOS 8.0+ (although we are told Android support will be coming soon). You can connect the Chronos disc to Apple Health, or you can have it just connect to the Chronos application.

Once you have it setup, the Chronos disc offers fitness and sleep tracking capability (including step count and calorie burn), music control, notification alerts (the disc vibrates to alert you when you get a message, email or call, and LEDs light up), and it also has a neat ‘tap to find your phone’ feature. You can also silence calls from your wrist and control your iPhone’s camera from your wrist by tapping your watch’s crystal / face.

Pricing, Availability and Final Thoughts

The Chronos disc represents an innovative way to transform your watch into a hybrid smartwatch. It works on quartz and mechanical watches, and it can work on anything since it isn’t tethered to whatever it sticks onto. One thing to keep in mind with it though is that it isn’t hardy enough to go swimming with. It’s splash-proof, but the micro-suction assembly is not suitable for submersion (the disc will probably fall off in water).

In terms of price, the Chronos disc retails for $99. That’s cheaper than most hybrid smartwatches, and it’s a good price for what you get. You can buy it from Amazon, or from the official Chronos store, although availability through third parties is a bit dodgy right now, so we recommend going down the official route.
Latest update: 10/04/2017

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