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The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the best smartwatch right now

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There’s a common theme with people ‘in the know’ about smartwatches. They’re always banging on about ecosystem. You know, apps.

But here’s the thing - no one uses their smartwatch to play games or write documents or manage their email. The most important feature set of a smartwatch is for it to handle push notifications well and track activity down to a tee. These features aren’t typically handled by third-party apps. They’re handled by the watch’s OS and dedicated apps.

And it’s here where the new Samsung Galaxy Watch really makes sense. Forget for a moment the colossal app ecosystem of the Apple Watch and the almost-as-good ecosystem of Google’s Wear OS, because the Galaxy Watch handles notifications better than these and the in-built fitness tracking is absolutely superb.

What we’re saying is Samsung’s caught up with the competition, and Tizen OS is no longer playing second fiddle to Apple or Google in user experience.

It’s so good that TechRadar has declared it the best smartwatch in the world. The reason is as we’ve described above - no one cares about third-party apps on a smartwatch. So long as the preinstalled apps and OS deliver, that’s all that matters.

For what it’s worth, Tizen OS isn’t perfect. But when you add in the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, it easily becomes the best of the bunch. That’s because unlike the Apple Watch or Wear OS devices, the Galaxy Watch (and previous Samsung Gear devices, it should be said) is navigable with a unique rotatable bezel. And it’s glorious.

A twist clockwise or anti-clockwise navigates you through the OS. There’s no physical buttons here. You can even answer phone calls with it. So, you’ve no need to get the lovely touchscreen all messed up with greasy fingerprints. For what it’s worth, you can do that too and the Super AMOLED screen (1.2-inch on the 42mm watch) is great.

Then throw in the battery life. The short of the story here is the reviews are in, and everyone’s getting three days out of the Galaxy Watch easily. Some are getting the maximum four days Samsung quotes. Some five. That’s thanks to a large capacity battery, but also Tizen OS, which is optimised to use as little energy as possible when not in use.

This all adds up to create the best smartwatch on the market. Don’t approach it looking for ten thousand funky apps to download - approach it looking for a smartwatch that’ll manage your notifications and track your fitness perfectly. Do that, and you’ve got yourself the best smartwatch on the market. It’s as simple as that.
Latest update: 08/09/2018

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