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Top 10 Fossil Smartwatches 2018

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Of all the fashion brands, Fossil have the most smartwatches. They’ve twice as many as the nearest competitor with over 30 models under the Fossil brand. The Fossil Group, who own Misfit and Skagen and license a dozen other brands, including Armani Exchange and Michael Kors, have over a hundred additional smartwatches on the market.

Suffice to say, you’ve plenty of Fossil and Fossil Group smartwatches to choose from.

But which are the best?

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best Fossil smartwatches on the market. These smartwatches are all under the Fossil brand to keep things simple. We’ve chosen the top 10 Fossil smartwatches as picked by our editors. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Fossil Q Founder Gen 2

The Fossil Q Founder is Fossil’s best-known smartwatch. Now in its second-generation, it’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and runs Android Wear 2.0 with a round 1.5” display with a 360 x 326-pixel resolution.

Snappy performance, wireless charging, customisable watch straps and smartphone notifications make this smartwatch a great one. It will track your everyday activity and it lets you control your music on your wrist. Bluetooth connectivity ensures you can listen to your tunes with your favourite wireless headphones too.

The Q Founder stands out from other Fossil smartwatches with a brushed stainless-steel bezel which centres all attention on the display. It is more minimalist in style than shouty, which should appeal if you want something understated.

Fossil Q Venture Gen 3

The Fossil Q Venture is a sharper-looking Android Wear smartwatch. It also boasts a higher-resolution AMOLED display, which looks stunning. The 1.2” display has a 454 x 454-pixel resolution, which is far superior to the Q Founder Gen 2.

Powered by Android Wear 2.0, the Q Venture has its own app store and can run independently from your smartphone. Push notifications are handled seamlessly, and this smartwatch offers a 24-hour battery life. Wireless charging is a standard feature and an IP67 water resistance rating means you can swim with it.

The Q Venture is available in a wide range of styles. These change the stainless-steel case colour and strap, with rose gold, gold, and brushed stainless-steel options available. There’s also a rose gold version with a crystal-embedded bezel and strap.

Fossil Q Explorist Gen 3

The Fossil Q Explorist is a more masculine smartwatch. It has a larger 46mm case size and a chunky 12.5mm thickness. The bezel is also indented for robustness. As with the Q Venture, the Q Explorist features a 1.2” AMOLED 454 x 454-pixel resolution display.

Usefully, this model features a rotating crown. The crown makes navigating the Android Wear 2.0 interface much easier and lets you keep your fingers off the screen. The crown is responsive and works very well. There’s a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor inside backed by 512MB of RAM, which is adequate for snappy performance.

The Q Explorist is available in six different colours. You can choose from a silver, gold, rose gold or gunmetal grey case and various strap options. The straps are also interchangeable, so you can change the look of your smartwatch as you see fit.

Fossil Q Control Gen 3

The Fossil Q Control has a heart-rate sensor for more in-depth activity and performance metrics and is water resistant up to 50-metres. This smartwatch is better-suited to workouts and comes on a comfortable, sweat-proof silicone strap to reflect this.

The optical heart-rate sensor works well. It can track your activity over a period, or you can monitor your heart-rate in real-time. A handy graph is provided so you can see any spikes in heart-rate. Elsewhere, the Q Control impresses with accurate activity tracking and the same 1.2” AMOLED 454 x 454 resolution display as on the Q Explorist.

The Q Control is a unisex smartwatch. It’s available with a black case on a black strap, or with a rose gold and polished stainless-steel case on a grey strap. Wireless charging comes as standard and the Q Control offers a 24-hour battery life.

Fossil Q Machine

The Fossil Q Machine is a robust hybrid smartwatch with an intricate dial and bezel. The bezel is textured to contrast with the smooth dial, which features applied indices and one of the best activity progress dials on any smartwatch.

Being a hybrid smartwatch, the Q Machine has an analogue watch face. The ‘smart’ features on this smartwatch include smartphone push notifications through vibrate alerts, activity and sleep tracking, smartphone camera control and music control. There’s three buttons on the side of the case that can be customised to provide different features.

A battery life of over 6-months makes the Q Machine a tempting proposition. It’s available in 6 colours to suit your taste. It’s a little on the large side though with its 45mm diameter and 13mm thick case. The straps are also 24mm, so thin and slender wrists need not apply.

Fossil Q Grant

The Fossil Q Grant is a hybrid smartwatch with a classical dial. It stands out as a more classical piece with Roman numerals and scattered indices. It offers the same functionality as the Q Machine but a different look altogether.

With an estimated 12-month battery life with Bluetooth enabled, the Q Grant is perfect for those of you who don’t want to have to recharge a smartwatch battery every night. Notifications are handled seamlessly over Bluetooth and you can program the buttons on the side of the case to operate different functions to suit your needs.

Those features include Take a Picture and Control your Music. The Q Grant is available in 9 colours including black, silver, gold, and rose gold. The leather straps and metal bracelets are interchangeable so can change the look as you wish.

Fossil Q Nate

The Fossil Q Nate is a military-inspired hybrid smartwatch. The rugged stainless-steel case wears meatily on the wrist and is available in black, which stands out with Arabic and stick indices and a blacked-out dial to match a black bracelet.

Activity tracking, sleep tracking, smartphone push notifications, smartphone camera operation, and smartphone music control are all available with the Q Nate. Being a hybrid smartwatch, the battery life is rated for 12-months. You can also set custom goals with this smartwatch and get alerts to help you drink more and exercise more.

The Q Nate is available in 6 colours. The black stainless-steel version is our favourite with its stealthy look. There’s also a gold version if you like a bit of bling. The case size on the Q Nate is 50mm so this is one of the bigger Fossil smartwatches.

Fossil Q Commuter

The Fossil Q Commuter is a sporty hybrid smartwatch that stands out with an orange activity progress dial hand on all models. This smartwatch offers the same functionality as the Q Nate but in a smaller case with a very different dial.

You can setup the Q Commuter for social media, text, email, app alerts, alarm and calendar notifications, which are synced with your smartphone. Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy ensures the Q Commuter boasts a 12-month battery life. The three physical buttons on the side of the case can be used to control your music and smartphone camera.

The Q Commuter is available in 8 different colours, including a stealthy all-black model and a sumptuous rose gold model. The stainless steel and black models have orange markers on the ends of the dial hands to differentiate them from the rest.

Fossil Q Activist

The Fossil Q Activist is perhaps the most handsome hybrid smartwatch Fossil makes. Unisex in design, this model stands out with a two-tier dial structure and applied indices. It’s unmistakeably vintage in design and looks great for it.

Boasting smartphone push notification support, a 6-month battery life, activity and sleep tracking and programmable buttons, the Fossil Q Activist is a feature-packed hybrid smartwatch. You can setup the watch to receive a wide range of notifications from your smartphone including text, call, email and app notifications.

Available in 3 colours (vintage luggage, brown leather, smoke stainless steel), the Q Activist will suit slender and thick wrists alike with its 42mm case. We like the look of the luggage leather model best, with its two-tone leather strap and vintage indices.

Fossil Q Alyx

Looking for something a little sleeker? The Fossil Q Alyx is a feminine smartwatch with a 40mm case – perfect for thinner wrists. It boasts all the same features as the Q Activist and a 12-month battery life to keep you going.

With sleep and activity tracking built in, the Q Alyx is perfect for active folk. Yet the elegant design makes this piece perfect for dressing up. Sync it with your smartphone to receive vibrate notifications for email, texts, calls, social media and apps, and use the three buttons on the side of the case to cycle through different features intuitively.

You can setup the Q Alyx to control your smartphone’s camera and music playback, so long as you are connected via Bluetooth. Available in three colours (brown leather, rose gold stainless-steel, rose gold leather), the Q Alyx is an excellent dressy smartwatch.
Latest update: 25/03/2018

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