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Top 10 Kickstarter Smartwatches 2018

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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where technology start-ups, and sometimes established brands, pitch a new product for investment. Ordinary folk invest a fixed amount in the product to help it reach its funding goal. Once funded, the product begins production and generally starts shipping a few months later.

Right now, there are over a hundred smartwatch projects on Kickstarter bidding for investment. In this article, we’ll detail the top 10 Kickstarter smartwatches.

Please note: By the time you read this article, some or all the smartwatches listed won’t be available for investment anymore. Regardless, this article serves as an important case study to the best smartwatches we’ve seen on Kickstarter to date.


The FitOn is a smartwatch that makes wellness more accessible. It’s the world’s first smartwatch to feature a blood oxygen saturation sensor, which allows it to provide accurate SpO2 + HRV + Respiratory tracking.

This tracking functionality allows the FitOn to track acute fitness metrics. These include respiratory rate, cardiac load, hypoxia period and vital signs. The FitOn also has an offline health guide to help you work out better without an internet connection. It also tracks your steps, distance, pace, time during workouts and calorie burn. In other words, it’s as complete a fitness smartwatch can get.

Find out more on Kickstarter.


SEQUENT WATCH is the world’s first self-charging smartwatch. Based on an automatic movement, it has a patented kinetic self-charging battery system which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. And yes, it works.

There’s no charging with the SEQUENT WATCH and no fuss. It has a mechanical power indicator on the dial, so you know how much power it has. It also packs a huge feature list, including heart-rate tracking, GPS and Bluetooth. It has five different modes, which you can use freely because they draw less power than the watch’s movement creates. Even in Sport mode, with heart rate tracking on, the SEQUENT WATCH ticks on.

Find out more on Kickstarter.

Ticwatch 2

The Ticwatch 2 is dubbed “the most interactive smartwatch”. It boasts a premium specification sheet, including a 1.4” 400x400 OLED display, magnetic wireless charging, GLONASS, GPS and heart rate tracking.

It’s called the most “interactive smartwatch” because it goes way beyond touchscreen operation. It features a patented side touch strip built into the case, which lets you ‘Tickle’ the smartwatch to navigate through the operating system and apps. It also has gesture control, giving you the ability to make a quick call or activate other features with a flip of the wrist.

You can also put the watch into stealth mode by pressing your palm on the display.

Find out more on Kickstarter.


Alpine Watches International is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches. Their foray on Kickstarter came as a surprise to many for this reason. But, it was also a smart move because 2,795 backers pledged over $1.5m to make the AlpinerX project come to life.

The AlpinerX is a rugged Swiss hybrid smartwatch with a 24-month battery life. Its selling point is its design, fit and finish. Alpina pitched it as a device with heritage and beauty, but also one with intelligent features. It’s the world’s first smartwatch with a UV sensor and it also measures altitude. A compass and connected GPS are welcome features for explorers.

Find out more on Kickstarter.


BLOCKS is the world’s first modular smartwatch. The watch strap is made of several modules which can be swapped out to provide different features. The concept is exciting and early reviews have noted it as showing great potential.

The watch brain, called the ‘Core’, is the case. It’s home to a 1.35" full round AMOLED display with a 360x360 resolution. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The customisability of the watch comes from the modules, or BLOCKS. These include a battery module, SIM card module, gesture control module, fingerprint module, NFC module, camera module and more. You swap these out as needed, so each BLOCKS watch can be individually tailored.

Find out more on Kickstarter.

Omate TrueSmart

The Omate TrueSmart is an interesting smartwatch. It’s labelled as a standalone smartwatch, which means it functions independently of your smartphone. As you’d expect, it boasts a huge feature list to make this possible.

It has GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile connectivity with a MicroSIM slot. Its IP67 water resistance rating gives piece of mind in wet weather, while a sapphire crystal protects the 1.54” display. It isn’t the best display – it’s a TFT unit with a 240x240 resolution – but the benefit of that is a battery life of up to 100 hours on a single charge. The Omate TrueSmart also has a 5-megapixel camera, an audio speaker and a microphone for calls.

Find out more on Kickstarter.


Who needs rechargeable batteries when you can harness solar power? Indeed, watch manufacturers like Citizen have done just that with their EcoDrive technology but it’s the LunaR, a Kickstarter project, that’s the first solar powered smartwatch.

The LunaR uses an exclusive transparent solar panel which sits underneath a sapphire crystal. This harnesses solar power from any light source. It powers the watch hands and a neat feature which tracks sunrise and sunset. The LunaR also delivers push notifications to your wrist and tracks your activity. You can also display two-time zones at once, a feature which should come in handy with frequent flyers.

Find out more on Kickstarter.

mim X

The mim X is perhaps the most unique smartwatch on our list. It has a patent-pending display dubbed a ‘Transparent Levitation Display’ (TLD). Basically, it’s transparent when not in use but shows information on the glass when requested.

Underneath the glass display sits an analogue watch face. To the naked eye, the mim X appears to be normal but when you get a notification graphics are displayed on the glass. All information is shown on top of the dial. If that sounds appealing, there’s also three collections to choose from (Active, Classic, Modern). The mim X app promises a great user experience too, with its creators affording it the same care as the mim X itself.

Find out more on Kickstarter.


dokiWatch is a smartwatch designed for kids aged 6 to 12 years old. It offers accurate GPS tracking and video and voice calling. It also tracks fitness (steps, calories) and is suitably robust to stand up to the adventures kids get up to.

As dokiWatch note, not all kids are ready for smartphones. The dokiWatch offers a mini smartphone experience on the wrist and allows parents full control. The two-way voice calling works seamlessly and a smart locator function allows parents to see where their child is in real-time thanks to GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi technology. The dokiWatch also comes packed with fun features, such as a virtual pet which gets bigger as your kid does.

Find out more on Kickstarter.


We complete our list with the ZeTime, the world’s first smartwatch with mechanical hands over a colour touchscreen. It perfectly combines traditional watchmaking with the latest technology, and it looks great on the wrist too.

Applying mechanical hands over a touchscreen sounds counterproductive, but the mechanical hands don’t get in the way. They move automatically, commanded by the CPU, so you can see what’s being displayed. Available as a 44mm or 39mm timepiece, the ZeTime suits male or female wrists and is made from the best materials. It offers fitness tracking and push notifications. The display is protected by a sapphire crystal.

Find out more on Kickstarter.
Latest update: 19/05/2018

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