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Top 10 Kids Wearables 2017

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If you are considering buying a wearable piece of technology for your child, it’s important to consider what you want you or your child to get from the device.

For some parents, a wearable that offers location tracking is high on the agenda for enhanced security. For others, a wearable that simply tracks their child’s activity and shows them that data on their smartphone is insight enough.

Whatever you are looking for, the good news is that there’s a wide range of wearables out there to suit your criteria. And best of all, most of these kid’s wearables look great and are comfortable to wear with water-resistance.

So, without further ado, here’s our recommendations for the top 10 kid’s wearables in 2017 (we’ve listed them, but they are in no order of favouritism):


AngelSense is a hugely capable wearable for kids. It offers GPS location tracking, but the main feature is 2-way voice calling. With AngelSense, your kid will be able call and take calls from you from their wrist and this feature works throughout the US no matter your carrier.

With this wearable, you can set up GPS alerts that are useful. For instance, you can set it up so that it alerts you when your child gets on and off the school bus. You can also track the wearer in real-time on your smartphone or a connected tablet.

The list of features AngelSense offers is vast, and there’s even a ‘listen in’ feature which lets you listen to (or snoop in on) what’s happening in your kid’s surroundings. You can also set alarms for your child. Interested? The AngelSense costs as little as $99 up front, and as little as $33 per month with an embedded SIM. Or you can pay the monthly fees upfront.


Lineable is a smart kid’s wristband that started life out on Indiegogo. It only costs $5 to $13, making it the cheapest wearable on our list. For your money, you get a basic wearable with Bluetooth tracking that lets you set location boundaries for your child.

Interestingly, the way Lineable works is different to other devices. The technology is based on beacon technology, a technology that allows devices to listen for signals from other beacons (in this case, a beacon is the band) for greater tracking accuracy.

By installing the Lineable application on your smartphone, you activate your smartphone’s ability to detect Lineable bands. The more smartphones that install the application, the more accurate the tracking becomes for all Lineable users. Due to its low price, we recommend you give it a try. The Lineable can be purchased on Amazon for around $13.

My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag is a location-tracking wearable that uses Bluetooth instead of GPS. This means there’s no monthly fees. It has a few interesting features, such as a water safety alert function that alerts you when the wearable is submerged in water a foot deep.

In addition to the water alert feature, My Buddy Tag has a build-in panic button that alerts the parent of danger when pressed, and it will send out of range alerts to the parent’s smartphone. This is particularly useful with young children when out and about.

It’s important to point out, however, that My Buddy Tag does not have real-time tracking features. It simply alerts you when your child moves out of range. It is an effective device, although parents wanting true location-tracking will be better with a GPS wearable. My Buddy Tag retails for $39.99 directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Weenect Kids

The Weenect Kids is the perfect cell phone alternative for your kid. This wearable offers 2-way calling and SOS messaging. It also has GPS-tracking, allowing you to track your kid in real-time and set GPS boundaries with alerts.

One of the best things about the Weenect is its ease of use. Setting it up takes just a few minutes, and the GPS tracker includes a SIM Card. Simply register the device and SIM online, and your child will be all set and ready to go.

The website for the Weenect offers pricing in Euro, where it costs €59.99. It works in the UK and across Europe. Subscription plans (for the GPS) cost from €3.50 per month, or you can buy a year upfront for €50. For the price, you get a capable GPS tracker that’s easy to use with 2-way calling and SOS messaging. You don’t get much better than that.

Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator

The Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator is hands-down one of the best wearables for kids on the market. Available in Black, Blue and Pink, it offers 2-way voice calling and sends unlimited text and email alerts to family members.

The battery lasts for over 40 hours on a single charge, and you can set up safe zones for your kid to ensure they never stray too far away. It uses GPS to track your child, and you can monitor their location and movement in real-time on your smartphone.

Priced at $135.00 directly from the manufacturer’s website, the Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator is on the pricey side but it’s hugely reliable and capable. There’s no annual contracts for the data you use, although prices per month are $15/mo. That includes unlimited text and email alerts and up to 30 minutes of voice calling per month.

FlashMe Sydney

The FlashMe Sydney is one of the cutest wearables on our list. It’s a wristband with a unique feature - a QR code on the band. This code is setup with your contact information, so that if your child is lost, all somebody has to do is scan the code.

When scanned with a QR code reader, the person who found your child will have your name and phone number. You can also include your email address. This ensures that you are reunited with your child quickly, with minimal fuss.

This band does not offer location tracking of any kind - it is simply a rubber band with a programmable QR code on it. It costs just $7, and it is available in Pink, Purple and Blue to suit boys and girls. It’s extremely durable and comfortable to wear. You can set up the QR code so it lists contact information for different parents and emergency contacts.

Trax Play

The Trax Play is a tiny GPS tracker for children. The tracker is secured to your child with a clip with spring or a belt clip, and allows you to track your child’s location in real-time for a safer outdoor and indoor adventure experience.

Like the best wearables for kids, you can setup Geofences (GPS boundaries) for your child, so that you are alerted if they stray too far away. You can also setup scheduling, if you want to monitor certain areas on specific days of the week.

Priced at £138.00 to £175.00 (the Trax Play is available in the United Kingdom and Europe), this is a pricey tracker. However, for the price, you get your data included. £138.00 gets you six months data, £154.00 gets you 1 year’s data and £175.00 gets you 2 years’ data. This is a decent price overall, then, and you have a colour choice of Blue or Pink.


The GizmoGadget is wristband made by LG. It has a 1.3” touchscreen, instead of physical buttons, and offers 2-way voice calling and GPS tracking. You can store up to 10 contacts in the GizmoGadget, and this device will also track your child’s fitness and activity.

The user interface is simple to use. The home screen has four options: Gadgets, Activity, Messaging and Contacts. Selecting any of these takes you through to an application, which is fun and easy to operate. You can setup the device on a smartphone.

For young children, the GizmoGadget is an excellent cell phone alternative. The only downside is the battery life - it’s only rated for 8-hours standby. If you can look past that, this is a great kid’s wearable. It costs from $149.99, and you can get a contract with Verizon for the data. You can also buy the device directly from LG.

Miasafes Kids Watch

The Miasafes Kids Watch is a stylish kid’s wearable. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, but the LCD display is bright and legible in sunlight. You control the device through two buttons on the side, which let you access all the Miasafes’s features.

Those features include location tracking through GPS, GSM and AGPS, two-way voice messaging, alarm clocks, automatic recording and environment listening in for the parent, one press SOS and customisable watch faces.

Available in Yellow, Light Blue, Pink and Dark Blue, the Miasafes Kids Watch is comfortable to wear and water resistant. The case is chunky and reassuringly solid. It isn’t available in the US, though – it’s Europe only. On Amazon.co.uk, it costs from £34. The SIM card is not included but any SIM with GPS and a data allowance will work fine.


The PocketFinder is a rugged kid’s wearable that’s been designed to stand up to the great outdoors. It’s made from durable polycarbonate, clips onto your child’s pants or backpack, and offers GPS tracking functionality for accurate location tracking.

For young children, the PocketFinder is an unobtrusive location tracker that requires no interaction whatsoever. It just gets the job done. For teenagers, you can setup speed limits, so that if your kid borrows your car, you’ll know if they drive too fast.

You can review up to 60 days’ worth of history on a synced smartphone and setup Geofences with alerts. The mobile app is extremely easy to use and the PocketFinder offers up to 5 days of battery life. It retails for $126.00 on Amazon.com. It’s a decent option if you can do without 2-way calling and just want an accurate GPS tracker.
Latest update: 20/08/2017

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