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Top 10 Small Smartwatches 2018

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Looking for a small smartwatch? We’ve got you covered with our list of the top 10 small smartwatches in 2018, as chosen by our editors.

What does small mean? Well, the benchmark we have set for our list of small smartwatches is that each smartwatch must have a 38mm diameter case or smaller. Many have an even smaller case than this. If that matches up with your expectations, read on to discover a wide range of exciting small smartwatches.

Editor’s note: All the following smartwatches are hybrid smartwatches with an analogue dial. They are not touchscreen smartwatches. At this present time, there are no touchscreen smartwatches on the market with a case diameter of 38mm or less.


Skagen Signatur T-Bar

Case size: 36mm. Case thickness: 12mm. Strap width: 16mm.

We start our list with the Skagen Signature T-Bar, a beautiful hybrid smartwatch by any measure. The model we have chosen, the SKT1404P, has a 36mm case. The case thickness is 12mm, which makes it very dainty indeed.

The Signature T-Bar is also available in a range of different colours. Your choices are a rose gold case with white dial, stainless steel case with a white dial, or a stainless-steel case with a grey dial. All models feature a useful 3ATM water resistant rating.

The standout feature of this smartwatch is the T-Bar lug connector, which helps it appear even smaller on the wrist than it really is. Smart features include fitness tracking, automatic time zones, and silent notifications.


Skagen Mini Hald

Case size: 34mm. Case thickness 12mm. Strap width: 16mm.

If you want something even smaller and you like what Skagen has to offer, the Skagen Mini Hald has a 34mm case. It’s the same thickness at 12mm, although it has a more functional design thanks to three prominent buttons on its side.

Being a hybrid smartwatch, the Skagen Mini Hald has an analogue watch face. It is not dissimilar to the Signature T-Bar’s watch face, but the outer numeral ring has been moved outwards to create a more minimalist dial that blends into the case.

Available in silver, rose gold or in rose gold with a grey leather strap, the Skagen Mini Hald is unisex and will complement a slender wrist perfectly. It’s one of the finest small smartwatches on the market in our opinion.


Misfit Path

Case size: 38mm. Case thickness: 12mm. Strap width: 18mm.

New for 2018, and launching in Spring, the Misfit Path is a minimalist small smartwatch. It has a 38mm case diameter and is available with a rose gold, gold or stainless-steel case. It’s also available with a range of different straps so you can change up the look.

A hybrid smartwatch, the Misfit path offers activity and sleep tracking and vibrate notifications that can be filtered. It is powered by a coin-cell battery so has a battery life in excess of 6 months. The battery is also user-replaceable, which is handy.

Being from Misfit, the Path has been designed for active folk. So, it has a 50-meter water resistance rating and a durable silicone strap. It’s a good looking small smartwatch, and best of all, it’s unisex. Prices will start at $149.99.


Fossil Q Neely

Case size: 36mm. Case thickness 12mm. Strap width: 16mm.

Looking for something a bit for versatile? The Fossil Q Neely fits the bill. This smartwatch has a 36mm case which is 12mm thick. It’s available in three styles and impresses with a minimalist dial with an activity progress sub-dial.

Featuring an in-built fitness tracker, the Q Neely will track your activity throughout the day and sync with your smartphone, so you can view the data. It also offers filtered push notifications and a variety of useful smart functions.

For women, the Q Neely looks best in rose gold with a white dial, and for men, the Q Neely looks best in stainless steel with a white dial. It’s a unisex smartwatch, but the colour schemes tend to lean one way. Overall, this is a decent small smartwatch.


Timex IQ+ Move

Case size: 37mm. Case thickness 12.5mm. Strap width: 18mm.

The Timex IQ+ hybrid smartwatch range has been designed for smaller wrists. All smartwatches in the range feature a 37mm case, which is an unusual size because most small smartwatches have a case that’s 36mm or 38mm in diameter.

This is one of our favourite small smartwatches, because it has a classy dial and comes in at a great price. It’s particularly striking in Tan / Cream, although there’s four decent colour configurations to choose from. The straps are also interchangeable.

The dial has an activity progress sub-dial that gives you an instant indication of your step count, and the Timex IQ+ will automatically sync time zones. It isn’t the most advanced of devices, but it’s reliable. A good option for smaller wrists.


Lacoste 12.12 CONTACT

Case size: 34mm. Case thickness 14mm. Strap width: 18mm.

The Lacoste 12.12 CONTACT is a rare and little-known about smartwatch that ticks plenty of boxes for small wrists. It has a 34mm case, which is small, and has a case thickness of 14mm, so it feels like sporty smartwatch on the wrist.

Inspired by the iconic Lacoste polo short, the Lacoste 12:12 is available in blue, black or green and stands out with its coloured case. The dial is also unique, with sporty, oversized white markers and a separate LCD screen for notifications.

In terms of smart features, the 12.12 CONTACT offers filtered notifications, a do not disturb function, incoming call notifications, and activity tracking. If you are looking for a sporty small smartwatch, the Lacoste 12.12 CONTACT is perfect.


Guess Ladies' IQ+

Case size: 37mm. Case thickness: 15mm. Strap width: 18mm.

The Guess Ladies' IQ+ is a sleek smartwatch for smaller wrists. It’s a 37mm smartwatch that’s available in a wide range of styles. Our favourite is the C2001L1, which has an intricate dial with dedicated activity tracking markers.

This smartwatch is actually powered by the same technology that’s found in the Timex IQ+, so if you like what features that has, you get the same here. Which means activity tracking, sleep tracking, and automatic time zone calibration.

Guess is a brand sold predominantly in Europe and the United Kingdom, so if you like this smartwatch, you’ll have to import it. Thankfully, there are a wide range if reputable vendors you can do this from who accept payment in USD.


Kronaby Sekel

Case size: 38mm. Case thickness: 13.9mm. Strap width: 22mm.

If you’re willing to bump up the case size to 38mm, the Kronaby Sekel is a surprisingly luxurious smartwatch. New for 2018, this small (ish) smartwatch has a gorgeous case and is available in rose gold or steel to suit your taste.

Unisex in design, the Kronaby Sekel is a smartwatch through and through. It offers a silent alarm, filtered push notifications, phone call rejection, and will track your steps throughout the day accurately. It also has an analogue timer function.

The Kronaby Sekel also has a find phone feature, camera shutter feature, and music control feature when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It’s certainly feature packed, and for the money, offers excellent value with its upmarket design.


Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch

Case size: 34mm. Case thickness: 12mm. Strap width: 16mm.

Following our luxury theme, the Frederique Constant Horological is a truly stunning premium small smartwatch. It has a 34mm case with a rose-gold plated bezel, a gorgeous convex sapphire crystal and is proudly Swiss Made.

Powered by a MMT-281 quartz calibre, the Frederique Constant Horological has a 2-year battery life and automatically tracks your activity on the wrist. It’s also available in stainless steel, should you not be taken by the rose gold plating.

Despite its price, the Frederique Constant Horological is worth it. It boasts a build quality way beyond any other small smartwatch we have seen. It also offers call notifications, sleep monitoring, and text notifications. What’s not to love?


Alpina Horological Smartwatch

Case size: 37mm. Case thickness: 13mm. Strap width: 18mm.

We end our list with another premium small smartwatch. But trust us, it’s a good one. The Alpina Horological Smartwatch has a 37mm case, a gorgeous textured dial with jewel indices, and a striking white and stainless-steel colourway.

Swiss Made with a MMT-285 quartz calibre, the Alpina Horological Smartwatch has a 2+ year battery life and a neat adjustable crown, through which you can control all the smart features quickly and easily by scrolling.

As you’d expect from Alpina, the Horological Smartwatch has a first-class build quality with a domed sapphire and Guilloche dial with 9 hand-set diamonds. It catches the eye for all the right reasons and will track your activity down to a tee.

Latest update: 15/05/2018

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