Fitbit Flex



This sleek, slim and stylish electronic wrist band will become your lifelong companion. It helps you track every single step you take, the total distance you travel on foot and the amount of calories you burn in the process. At night, while you sleep, it tracks the quality and quantity of your sleep and even silently wakes you in the morning. It is the companion that will motivate you to work towards your fitness goals and help you maintain a more active and healthy life, while staying stylish with three different colours of your choice.

How Flex Functions

 • Tracks your physical activity throughout the day and assesses the quality and quantity of your sleep during the night
 • Flex automatically syncs all your stats wirelessly to your computer or even your smartphone
 • Overtime, it maps your complete daily progress and gives you helpful insights through appealing graphs, charts and many other tools.
 • Flex simply makes your fitness a fun activity, an activity you can share with your friends and compete to win challenges and badges, motivating you towards your fitness goals and making you a better in all aspects.

Map it Out in One Amazing App
Lets you Track runs & hikes
Sync with your phone and track important information like place, distance, splits and time.
Map routes
Map out your routes and use mile markers as you move. Scroll through your history later and assess your progress.
Record workouts
Log in your workout session and see how it appears on the monthly exercise calendar.
Voice Control
Never use your hands again; just speak into your device and control your music right from the app.
Keep an Eye on Your Caloric Intake
Barcode Scanner


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