Nike Fuelband SE

Nike Fuelband SE is a simple way to measure how much you move. It is an activity tracker that is worn on the wrist and offers compatibility with Apple’s iOS operating system. The band allows the users to track physical activity, total steps taken, distance travelled and the energy burnt in the process. All of the data collected by the wristband is uploaded onto the Nike+ community, which allows the users to compare their performance with their friends and monitor their progress and even set personal goals.
The Nike Fuelband is available in black, gold, pink, volt, crimson and rose gold colours.

How does the Fuelband SE Function

The band tracks your physical activity for the entire day through its motion-sensing feature and when you go to sleep during the night, it records the quality of the user’s sleep. Then the device is wirelessly connected to an iOS smartphone or a computer and collected data is uploaded to the Nike+ community. Through the iOS app or the web browser, the user can view their stats and compare them with the rest of the Nike+ community. The device in essence adds entertaining elements to the user’s fitness experience.


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