Apple Watch Steel

The Apple Watch Steel is a pristine cold-forged timepiece, representing class and resilience through powerful technology, making lives easier and more accessible. Apple’s new smartwatch, though a new entrant in the market, Apple has successfully incorporated consumer trends in the watch, making it the most relevant and personal watch currently available. It defines the developing relationship between people and technology through a fashionable and functional wrist watch.


The Watch Steel is designed to be worn all day. Its resilience makes it excellent for workout sessions and its class makes it the perfect accessory for formal dinner parties. The beauty of the watch comes from diamond-like carbon layer and a mirror finish, which gives the space black stainless option its unique look. The scratch-resistant screen is made out of sapphire crystal, the hardest transparent material next to diamond. Users have the luxury of many different bands to choose from such as link bracelet, Milanese loop, modern buckle, leather loop, classic buckle and the popular sports band. There is literally an Apple Watch for everyone, even a smaller screen variety for those with slimmer wrists.


This iOS based smartwatch refines how we’re used to communicating and introduces the users to a new level of convenience. As an extension of your smartphone, it allows the users to add a new dimension of notifications and alerts such as feeling a gentle tap on the wrist with each incoming notification.

The Smarter View of Fitness

The Apple Watch Steel allows the users to view their entire day’s activity in a completely new light. With the three rings of activity, users will be aware of their daily progress and will be motivated to move more and sit less. Its advanced features allow the users to view real-time statistics for a variety of different workouts. Its smart activity tracker learns the users fitness and activity levels and over time improves the accuracy of measurements and even offers personalized suggestions to continuously improve themselves and reach their goals.


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