ASUS ZenWatch

The ASUS ZenWatch is a refreshing addition to the smartwatches available. It is an extremely attractive watch, with a brushed stainless steel body and a beautiful copper coloured body, which Asus calls “rose gold.” The watch has a thin but big body, which works well with both casual and formal attire. The display screen is 1.63 inch with a 320 x 320 pixilation and an AMOLED panel, which is perfect for outdoor settings in bright sunlight.

An Unparallel Design

The ZenWatch offers a premium Italian leather strap, available in three different colors, which can be easily swapped for a variety of styles and looks. It offers a square display with curved edges, creating a soft appearance by incorporating the functionality of a square display and curves of an attractive watch. Internally, the watch offers many different elegant designs. Some of these watch faces can even be customized to display extra information such as phone battery life, step count, etc.

Features – Your Entire Phone on Your Wrist

The ZenWatch allows users to view almost all information of their phone through their smartwatch and even speak into their watch to make calls or check the news; all of this without having to pull out the phone from the bag or pocket. The watch offers many smart features such as Find My Phone, Unlock My Phone, Disconnect Alarm and many more apps available on one of the most popular operating systems, Android. Its seamless integration makes it the perfect and fashionable accessory to make your life a lot easier. One of the most exciting features of the ZenWatch is the remote camera, which allows the users to easily capture and create surreal pictures and selfies, through compelling and creative angles, opening a completely new world of unique mobile photography.

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