Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel was released as a premium version of the original Pebble Smartwatch. Although, it has the same display screen and operating system, Pebble Steel is aesthetically superior to its predecessor, offered in a slimmer metal casing.


Pebble Steel has been designed as a classic timeless timepiece, which would not only look great with a suite but also in a pair of casual jeans. The square shaped sharp-looking design is completely made out of stainless steel and never feels out of place. The metal band does a lot for its classy appearance, though leather straps are also available.


The watch offers a black and white display, which is readable even outdoors during bright daylight. It is water resistant and shower and swim friendly. It offers many different features such as fitness tracking through a built-in pedometer and offers a variety of different apps. The best part is that, the Pebble Steel is compatible with both of the popular operating systems, Android and iOS.

Glanceable Notifications

With day light readability, it doesn’t matter where you are, a simple glance is all you need to get an update on all your emails, text messages and everything that is important to you.

A Battery that Lasts

The Pebble Steel offers a powerful Lithium-ion polymer battery. The Pebble Steel’s battery lasts up to seven days. Just charge it once and your ready to perform all your tasks throughout your week.


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