Moto 360

A timeless classic round design that stays true to the rich heritage associated with wristwatches combined with modern technology and powered by the innovative Android Wear. The Moto 360, Motorola’s flagship smartwatch maximizes display area while ensuring optimum levels of comfort, keeping the user up to date with a single glance at the wrist.

Fine Craftsmanship

Utilizing only the finest materials and crafting the finest watch to present a modern day watch enthusiast’s dream. The gorgeous exterior case made from the finest stainless steel is coupled with the world-renowned Horween leather to meticulously craft an embodiment of style and class. In addition to its aesthetic marvel, the additional element of scratch-resistance through Corning Gorilla glass technology transforms your watch into a scratch-less and timeless investment.

Timely Updates

With Moto 360, you can eliminate the concept of uncertainty. You will get round-the-clock timely updates and never miss a meeting or run into traffic. All of this through a single glance – welcome to the future.

The Power of Your Voice

Now with Moto 360, the power you command is in your voice. Making life simpler through voice control, just say, “Ok Google” and you can send text messages, get directions, and even make reservations. It is convenience redefined.

Moto Body

Moto Body, the built-in activity tracker, allows you to track your heart rate, steps or distance travelled, calories burnt, and even your performance analysis and guidance.

A watch, unrivaled and unparallel, symbolizing brilliance, style, and utility.

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