Sony SmartWatch 2

The new SmartWatch 2 by Sony is a smart and well crafted timepiece, a follow up on its predecessor. The watch represents Sony’s ambition to provide a fresher design and a better screen in terms of both display and touch screen responsiveness. Sony’s latest wearable creation is substantially refined over its previous smartwatch and is a compelling smartwatch for Android users.


The SmartWatch 2 truly represents what a watch is all about, a personal fashion statement, which can complement button-down suits and ties, and doesn’t feel out of place with casual T-shirts and jeans. The glossy slab of glass, plastic and metal that comprise the watch is minimalist in appearance, but that’s where it gets its appeal from. Its polished silver bezel provides a tint of sophistication around its large flat display. Although, the straps can be swapped for variety, the watch comes in rubber and metal bands with silver and black.


With the SmartWatch 2, the user can keep track of everything that’s happening without touching the phone. Simply get all your notifications, control what you listen to and even see who’s calling. The smartwatch acts as your Android remote, gently reminding you by vibrating on your wrist.

Be Social

Bring all of your social life on your wrist. With a simple glace, you’ll be aware of all the text messages, emails, Facebook notifications, Twitter trends and much more. The multi-colored touch screen will let the user browse through all of the notifications.

A Touch is all that’s needed

With the new SmartWatch 2 all you’ll ever need is a single touch. Whether you need to pair it with your mobile device or track your physical activity, it’s always a single touch, nothing more.


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