Apple Watch 2 Expected Q2 and Q3 2016

Apple Watch 2 Expected Q2 and Q3 2016

The first-generation Apple Watch is a success – Apple has reportedly shipped 7 million of them to date, out-shipping all Android Wear devices combined. That’s a sensational number for a product in the wearables market, so the Apple Watch 2 has a lot to live up to.

There’s no word yet on exactly what features the Apple Watch 2 will have– hopefully it’ll have much better battery life and be thinner – however, we do have a vague release date for the much-anticipated update to the Apple Watch thanks to a report from Chinese site UDN.

UDN’s report includes statements made this week in France at an investor’s meeting by the chairman of Taiwan’s Quanta Computer. Quanta Computer manufactures the Apple Watch, and its Chairman, Barry Lam, said (translated), “Quanta and Apple are currently developing the second generation of the Apple Watch. It is expected late next year in the second quarter with a small shipping volume in the third quarter next year.” So, the first shipments of the Apple Watch 2 can be expected in April, May or June 2016 (June is the most likely month) in limited quantities, according to Lam, with more shipments in July, August and September. Lam also went on to say, “Apple wearable device shipments next year will be better than they were this year,” and “the second-generation Apple Watch is still in the development stage.”

What To Expect

With news of a release date, it’s important to stay grounded with the Apple Watch 2 for now, as Apple customers have become accustomed to with the iPad and iPhone line. The Apple Watch 2 will in all likelihood be a ‘refresh’ on the first generation. A faster processor, a brighter and better contrast display and new color options are likely features, while a bigger battery, a thinner design and a higher resolution display are likely, but less so. Although more health sensors would be a welcome addition to give consumers an overall picture of their health and could be the most important feature within smartwatches in the future these advanced sensors need to become more reliable and didn’t make it into the first-generation Apple Watch for that reason. It is a stance that Apple is taking very seriously though already making leaps and bounds within that area by acquiring companies making breakthroughs within sensory technology. The smartwatch is after all one of the first mainstream wearable items where this kind of technology could become practical and benefit people’s everyday lives and health. Apple’s Health Kit App would make great use of these added sensors.

Interestingly, some rumors suggest Apple is planning to add a FaceTime video camera to the second-generation Apple Watch, enabling users to make and receive FaceTime calls to their wrists. This would be an impressive feature, and a real reason to upgrade, although some media outlets believe such a feature simply wouldn’t work, so the jury’s still out on that one. But whatever the case, it’s a given that the second-generation Apple Watch will outsell any Android Wear competitor in 2016, such is the lure and strength of the Apple brand.

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