Apple patent hints at color-changing watch band

Apple Patent Hints at Color-Changing Watch Band


There are two ways you can personalize your smartwatch. With a watch face, or with a watch strap. The latter option requires you to swap out your strap for something new, but an Apple patent could be about to change all that.

The new patent filed by Apple uncovered by Patently Apple shows a fabric watch strap (like perlon) with light fibers embedded in the fabric. These can change to any color with just a few taps on an Apple Watch, so from blue to red or green to yellow. The light fibers change color by way of four LEDs embedded at the lug end of the strap. In the patent, the figure shown has light fibers in strips that would change the color of four stripes.

With current technology, it would also be possible to create a watch strap with adjustable solid colors with enough LEDs. So, from black to grey or white to red. Apple’s patent also suggests the Apple Watch strap could change color itself to match your outfit. For this feature to work, you would take a photo of your outfit with your iPhone. Or, it might mean the Apple Watch might soon have a camera – although that is a big leap.

Apple offers a wide range of bands for the Apple Watch but none of them make use of electronics to be color-adjustable. This patent offers something new.

Overall this color-changing watch band sounds cool and is unlike anything we have ever seen before on a smartwatch. If Apple Watch ever releases it, they’ll have a unique selling point over the competition, although it won’t be long before others copy them. As we know, a patent means very little to the black market nowadays and especially in China. Regardless, it’s a technology we’d like to see on our wrists.

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