Casio G-Steel B100 Smartwatch Review: A Smart G-Shock

Casio G-Steel B100 Smartwatch Review: A Smart G-Shock.

If you love Casio’s G-SHOCK line but feel more attracted to smartwatches due to their features, the Casio G-Steel B100 is an excellent compromise. This new smartwatch is one of the toughest G-SHOCKs ever made and boasts Smartphone Link technology.


Smartphone Link is a mobile application and sync technology that connects to the Casio G-Steel B100 through Bluetooth. It offers the ability to access the current time in over 300 cities around the globe, and it also adds automatic time correction to the watch. Usefully, the B100 also has a phone finder button. Press it, and your phone will vibrate and give off an audial alert to help you find it.

This watch also has solar-charging with Casio’s latest-generation Tough Solar system. It will never need charging, nor will it ever need a battery change.

Design, build and colors


In terms of design, the Casio G-Steel B100 is utilitarian. It has unbeatable shock resistance thanks to carbon fiber detailing, a shock-resistant core and a resin/steel case. The hands and indices have a Super Illuminator coating for outstanding legibility, and this smartwatch has a 200-meter water resistance rating, making it suitable for diving.

The B100 has three physical buttons located on its right side. These control the various alarm, timer and stopwatch functions. The third button controls the phone finder feature and acts as a sync button with the Smartphone Link mobile application.

In terms of colors, the B100 is available in only one – black carbon steel.

Pricing and availability

Pricing for the Casio G-Steel B100 has not yet been announced. The original Casio G-Steel (without carbon fiber detailing and a stainless-steel band) retails for around $400.00. So, we expect the B100 to add a healthy $200.00 to the price. In terms of availability, the G-Steel B100 is likely to go on sale in time for the holidays. It will be available directly from the Casio website, and on Amazon.

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