The Coros Apex is Runner’s Delight with a Respectable 30-day Battery Life

The Coros Apex is Runner’s Delight with a Respectable 30-day Battery Life

The market for fitness smartwatches is huge. So huge that big fish like Garmin and Fitbit release a new device every year into it. Coros is a much smaller brand, but their new device, the Apex, could be the best of the lot.

It’s a button-operated smartwatch with an always-on memory LCD, sapphire crystal, a 46mm or 42mm titanium case and a battery life that’s grabbing headlines.


The 46mm version has a 30-day battery life in normal mode, which keeps the LCD display active. Toggle GPS on, and the Apex will give you 100-hours of runtime, so just a snitch over 4 days. The 42mm version has a slightly smaller battery, but still manages 24-days in normal mode and 80 hours in UltraMax GPS mode.

This is definitely industry-leading battery life, make no mistake.

It has a class-leading design too. The case is made from titanium, which is a stronger and lighter material than stainless steel and aluminum. The display has a sapphire crystal, which is better than Gorilla Glass. The 42mm version has a ceramic bezel, the 46mm a titanium bezel. We’re not sure why both couldn’t have ceramic because that’d be our preference, but titanium will do.

Runners will buy the Apex for its coaching, and the Coros Trainer is really good. It assesses the wearer’s fitness and technique in real-time using all the usual metrics (heart rate, pace, stride) and then develops training regimes for you. It’s very clever and both Aerobic and Anaerobic Training modes are available to suit your training style.

In addition, the Apex shows VO2 max, recovery advice, threshold pace, training load and a personal fitness index. These can also be viewed on a smartphone through the free companion app which automatically syncs with the watch. Add these features together, and you have possibly the best running smartwatch of early 2019.


Pricing and availability

The 46mm version costs $349.99, the 42mm version $299.99. You can buy yours directly through the Coros website here.

There’s no difference in feature set between them, but the larger model has a superior battery life. The smaller model also has a ceramic bezel, which we actually see as superior to the titanium bezel on the 46mm model.

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