Fossil offers new styles for Fossil Gen 5 | CES 2020

Aside from unveiling offerings from Skagen, their subsidiary, and Diesel, their partner brand, Fossil is announcing new styles for their popular Gen 5 smartwatches, namely the Gen 5, Hybrid HR, and Sport.


For the Fossil Gen 5, there will be a new model available called the Garrett. The Garrett will be available in 5 color variants and is priced at $295.

As for the Fossil Sport lineup, they are updated with several new colors as pictured above. These new variants are called the Fossil Sport Jelly, and offers a plethora of bright colors for the watch cases and a matching transparent strap in the same color.

The Julianna will be getting new color options as well, with a new gold with mesh strap, a rose gold with silver strap, and a peculiar rose gold with tortoise shell leather strap. The new Julianna models will be priced at $295 as well.

For the Hybrid HR line, the Collider will be updated with a new color, and the Dive model is introduced with 3 colorways. The Collider will be priced at $195 while the new Dive model is priced at $215.


Lastly, there are two new styles for the Hybrid HR Charter. The blush silicone strap will cost $195, while the gold -tone stainless steel model will cost $215.

Pricing and Availability

All models of the new Fossil Gen 5 will be available for purchase on January 26 on

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