Kiddo is a Fun Kid’s Wellness Tracker that Monitors Multiple Biometrics

Kiddo is a Fun Kid’s Wellness Tracker that Monitors Multiple Biometrics

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Your health. It is the most important thing in life. For instance, you can have all the money in the world, but if you feel sick every day, what good is it? Parents, of course, think slightly differently. For parents, their child’s health comes before their own. However, it is nigh on impossible to understand how a child is feeling from asking them. Parents can only guess, and make a judgment call regarding what to do.

A new smartwatch/tracker aims to change that. Kiddo is a wellness tracker with a revolutionary 4-in-1 sensor that measures the wearer’s skin temperature, heart rate, perspiration and activity such as steps, to give parents and medical staff a clearer indication of a child’s health in real-time. It is the first tracker of its kind to offer so many different medical data points and wellness insights, making it a very intriguing piece of kit indeed.

Developed by Good Parents Inc, the 4-in-1 sensor and its algorithms were developed with 600 children, across all age groups and ethnicities, to create a highly accurate device. The sensor learns what is normal for the wearer and over time becomes more accurate. Parents can track their children in real-time.


Speaking about the device, CJ Swamy, Co-Founder, and CEO at Good Parents Inc said, “As parents, we can usually tell if something is wrong, however, it’s impossible to know how your child is doing 24/7. The idea for Kiddo came through personal experience when my son ended up with heat exhaustion and dehydration after being out playing, but being young he hadn’t been able to tell me how he was feeling. It inspired me to develop something that allows parents to react faster and earlier in a situation like that.”

Kiddo is available in four different styles: Dinosaurs, Sea Animals, Monsters and Super Hero Animals. The device itself is made from non-allergenic materials and the top covers, which have prints on them, are interchangeable. Kids can swap these themselves, so if they become scratched or marred, it’s easy to swap them out. It is designed for children aged 3-10 years old, and parents can set goals for their children. For instance, parents can set their children the goal of drinking more water and the device will track that.

Interested? You can pledge your interest on Kickstarter from $79.00. A $79.00 pledge will get you 1 Kiddo with an Early Bird delivery. Or for $178.00, you can get two devices. Visit the official Kickstarter page to find out more.

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