Kiwi Plus U-blox Kids Smartwatch By LINE Corp

Kiwi Plus U-blox Kids Smartwatch By LINE Corp


Korean software developer KIWI Plus has launched a children’s smartwatch in collaboration with Swiss company U-blox.

The smartwatch, which is called the ‘LINE Kid’s Watch’, is one of the most capable kid’s smartwatches on the market as far as communication is concerned.

Communication, communication, communication

It boasts U-blox’ high performance UBX-G7020 multi-GNSS chip, which supports GPS, and U-blox’ SARA-U270 UMTS/HSPA module, which offers high-speed mobile connectivity. In the real world (and forgetting all those letters and numbers and chipsets), what this means is that the LINE Kid’s Watch offers incredibly accurate tracking features for parents and allows children to stay in contact with their parents from anywhere.

The watch also runs KIWI Plus’ own IoT platform. This Android-based operating system boasts one-touch calling and easy to access real-time location tracking. One of the neatest features is that two or more of these watches can also be hooked up with each other so that friends can stay in touch and never get lost.

In addition to this, you can send text messages from the watch through voice input (as opposed to having to type on a small touchscreen), and an emergency notification can be sent directly to a parent’s smartphone or tablet with a single touch. So should a child find themselves in some form of danger, the parent can be alerted quickly, and thanks to accurate location tracking, the parent will also know precisely where their child is.

In terms of design and how the LINE smartwatch looks, from pictures and renders, the watch appears to have an aluminum case and a glass screen. The strap seems to be made from silicone, and there will be three colors at launch: Blue, white, and pink. The watch is actually fairly stylish overall, with its rounded case setting it apart from the crowd.

Pricing and availability

The LINE Kid’s Watch is expected to be an Asia-only device for now, so it won’t be coming to Europe anytime soon. You may be able to import one, though.

Pricing has not been confirmed yet.

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