Mercedes-Benz-branded Vívoactive 3 GPS

This Mercedes-Benz-branded Vívoactive 3 GPS Tracks Your Health and Sends the Data to Your Mercedes


We’ve something new for you this week. Mercedes-Benz and Garmin have partnered up to create a Mercedes-Benz-branded Vívoactive 3 GPS smartwatch – and it’s more than just a name. It will track your health in real-time and send that information to your Mercedes so you can get a healthy (or fitness) update on your infotainment system. So if you head out on a hike, you’ll get a synopsis when you return to the car.

Mercedes showed off the new device at CES 2019 alongside their all-new CLA Coupe, a sleeker and (slightly) more practical version of the A-Class.

It all sounds very neat, and it is. The customized Vívoactive 3 GPS smartwatch tracks all the same metrics as the standard smartwatch: your heart rate and stress levels, step count, altitude, distance traveled and more. It also automatically detects new activities, so if you head off on foot but jump on a bicycle down the road, the Vívoactive 3 knows what you’re up to and switches tracking mode to keep up.

As well as being able to track your fitness and health, the Mercedes-Benz-branded Vívoactive 3 GPS changes the interior of the CLA Coupe to suit your mood. If it senses you are stressed, it will change the ambient lighting. Also, the new CLA has a smart assistant that is linked to the watch. It’s all very futuristic and cool.

It’s unclear which Mercedes cars will be compatible with the Mercedes-Benz Vívoactive 3, but we expect all new cars will be from now. The CLA is one of Mercedes’ entry-level cars so it stands to reason the bigger models will support it. Price-wise, the standard Vívoactive GPS costs $299. We expect the Mercedes version to cost a little more.

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