MyKronoz Launches New ZeTime Smartwatch Range

MyKronoz Launches New ZeTime Smartwatch Range at CES 2018


With CES 2018 in full swing, we’ve started seeing a wide range of new smartwatches from both known and relatively unknown brands come to market.

One such smartwatch is from MyKronoz, a wearables brand we’ve seen before at SmartWatches4U. They have unveiled their ZeTime Regular and Petite smartwatches at CES 2018, with the ZeTime being a smartwatch they first announced at Baselworld 2017.

Funded on Kickstarter and on Indiegogo, the MyKronoz ZeTime racked up a $6 million investment from backers, but it’s only now that we’ve got a good, proper glimpse of it. Two versions have been launched at CES 2018, called the Regular and Petite. The Regular model has a 44m case, while the Petite model has a 39mm case.

The MyKronoz ZeTime is a touchscreen smartwatch with mechanical hands. It’s an interesting device because it’s the first of its kind – back in March last year, it was touted as the world’s first touchscreen smartwatch with mechanical hands, and it remains just that, with a TFT touchscreen display that covers the entire watch face.

Interestingly, and neatly, the MyKronoz ZeTime has a proprietary movement that automatically adjusts the mechanical hands for display legibility. This means the hands align to maximize the visibility of the screen so that it can be seen clearly.

The ZeTime Regular is available in black and silver or white and silver, although the only difference between them is the color of the silicone strap. The ZeTime Petite is available with a rose gold or silver finish. There’s also the new ZeTime Premium – this smartwatch has a brushed black or titanium-look case and a sapphire crystal covering the display. It is also available in an exclusive colorway of rose gold with a premium brown leather strap.

Pricing and Availability


Both the ZeTime Regular and ZeTime Petite smartwatches are on sale now. You can pick up yours directly from the official MyKronoz website. They are both priced at $199.00. The new ZeTime Premium model is priced at $229.00.

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