The MyKronoz ZeTime is a Touchscreen Smartwatch with Mechanical Hands

The MyKronoz ZeTime is a Touchscreen Smartwatch with Mechanical Hands


A very interesting new smartwatch has been announced at Baselworld 2017 today. It’s called the MyKronoz ZeTime, and it’s the world’s first touchscreen smartwatch with mechanical hands. The watch, which started life out on Kickstarter (over $250,000 has been pledged of a $50,000 goal), blends the design of a traditional watch with the technology of a smartwatch to transcend what is currently offered by hybrid smartwatches.

As you can see in the image above, the MyKronoz ZeTime has mechanical hands that operate above the display. The screen is a fully-round TFT color display that covers the dial in its entirety, protected by Gorilla Glass. (TFT was chosen because other screen technologies wouldn’t allow them to drill a hole into them).

Now we know what you’re thinking – “Won’t the hands get in the way of the screen!?” – but the designers say they have solved that issue, with a neat CPU trick. Essentially, the CPU monitors the position of the watch hands and can move them depending on what features are being accessed on the display. The patented technology behind this is called Smart Movement.


It all sounds very cool, and it is. MyKronoz ZeTime automatically updates the time depending on your location, and the color display can be turned off to save battery life, leaving an opaque black watch face. The battery life is said to be top-drawer as well, with a 3-day rating for smartwatch mode and a 30-day rating for mechanical mode. That’s nowhere near as good as a hybrid smartwatch, such as the Withings Activité, but it’s better than most smartwatches with a touchscreen. So, it offers the best of both worlds.

In terms of other features, the MyKronoz ZeTime has a waterproof resistance rating to 3ATM and the straps can easily be swapped out thanks to a unique pin mode. Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, the ZeTime runs its own operating system. However, the makers say that app support with be second-to-none and customers will receive OTA updates regularly, to improve the functionality of the watch. The ZeTime will be able to send push notifications to your wrist through Bluetooth.

If all that sounds like something you’d like to buy into, we recommend pledging some money on the Kickstarter campaign since there are early bird offers. $119 will get you one, or $219 will get you two. $2,800 will get you twenty of them.

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