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The New York Standard Watch Company Launches New Smartwatch Collection


The New York Standard Watch Company (NYSW) has been making watches for a long time (since 1885, in fact). They are perhaps most famous for their classic mechanical pocket watches, which consist of both simple and more elaborate designs. Some of their antique models are extremely desirable and can go for thousands at auction.

And now, NYSW has entered the smartwatch market with a new collection of hybrid smartwatches that boast attractive, classical designs.  

NYSW Smartwatches

The new collection consists of the Manhattan and SoHo smartwatches, which are all analog watches with smart sensors built-in for notifications, calendar alerts and activity tracking (they will track your steps, sleep, and calorie burn).

The Soho collection consists of masculine chronograph smartwatches with a classical typeface and raised indices and markers. The Manhattan collection consists of chronograph smartwatches with a sportier analog face and red minute hands. Of the two, the Manhattan Collection is the more modern option with unique carbon effect dials that are finished in silver or black. All smartwatches in both ranges are available with a leather strap or a stainless-steel bracelet to suit your taste.

You control the NYSW smartwatches via two buttons built into the case. These let you control the various functions of the devices intuitively. They connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth. Interestingly, this is the first hybrid smartwatch collection that can connect to Apple’s ANCS (Apple Notification Centre Service) without needing a third-party app to force the connection. Both the Manhattan and SoHo collections are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.


Pricing and Availability

NYSW’s smartwatches all retail for $380.00. They are available directly from the official website. You can also pledge your support on Kickstarter here.

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