Stark’s Kickstarter-funded Hybrid Smartwatch Costs Just USD80

Stark’s Kickstarter-funded Hybrid Smartwatch Costs Just $80

Not everybody can afford the luxury of a smartwatch. And quite frankly, there’s plenty of people who can afford one but aren’t too bothered about them due to their price. The way we see it, the way around that is to launch a smartwatch for less than $90. At ninety bucks or less, a smartwatch becomes accessible for many people and gives them the perfect introduction to what smartwatches can do.

Stark, a small start-up wearable technology company, thinks the same. Which is why their first product will be a smartwatch that costs just $80.


$80 For a Smartwatch?

Yep, just $80. It’s important to remember though that the Stark isn’t an Android Wear smartwatch, nor does it have a touchscreen. It’s a hybrid smartwatch.

So, what do you get for your money? Well, for a start, you get a very nicely-designed smartwatch. The Stark has a 42mm stainless steel case, glow-in-the-dark hands, and a black dial as standard (although there are nine other dial color options to choose from).

The case is also available with a stainless steel or black-PVD finish with that black dial, or just a stainless-steel case with the other dial colors. In terms of smart functionality, the Stark will track distance, calories burned and it even syncs with Apple Health. It can also give you inactivity reminders, wake you up in the morning and track your sleep patterns.

Starks Hybrid Smartwatch Battery Life

The movement is an Epson AL20. This takes two regular coin-cell batteries (one for the watch movement, and one for the smart sensors). Combined, these offer a battery life of over 2 years which is as good as a regular Quartz watch.

Compatibility and App

The Stark smartwatch is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The Stark application, which syncs with a smartphone or tablet, was also designed by Stark. Through the app, you can set up call, SMS and safety functions for the Stark smartwatch. The application looks nice and intuitive, and up there with the best. The home profile of the app displays your daily step count, distance walked and your total calorie burn.


Pricing and Availability

The Stark is an affordable hybrid smartwatch that tells the time and tracks your steps. When it goes on sale, it will have an $80 retail price, but you can bag one for $40 if you back their Kickstarter campaign now. Pledge $50 through their campaign, and you’ll save 37.5% which is excellent. The Kickstarter campaign itself has raised $121,414 of a $20,000 goal, so it has succeeded beyond the creator’s wildest dreams. There are 10 days to go until the Kickstarter campaign closes, after which, all orders will start shipping.

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