iGPS Scout and iGPS WIZKID Review: Stylish Smartwatches For Kids

iGPS Scout and iGPS WIZKID Review: Stylish Smartwatches For Kids?

Safety is without a doubt a parent’s top priority for their child. And, as any parent would attest to, there’s little worse feeling in the world than when a child goes missing or moves out of sight for a period of time. If you have experienced this before, you’ll know all too well the level of sheer panic that sets in, even if it’s just for a split second.

One of the best new ways to reduce the risk of your child going missing is by having them wear a GPS smartwatch, which allows you to track your child’s location in real-time and set up perimeter safe zones. In a previous guide, we’ve already covered the best kid’s smartwatches in 2020, but two new products have caught our eye which is worth a closer look.


The iGPS SCOUT and iGPS WIZKID are GPS tracking devices wrapped up in smartwatch bodies. For this reason, they offer way more features than standalone tracking devices and are therefore intriguing gadgets for safety-conscious parents.


For instance, these stylish devices have GSM connectivity and a microphone and speaker, which allows for two-way calling and voice messaging. They also have Wi-Fi for smartphone syncing, and GPS for real-time tracking. You can also set up safe zones from the application, so you’ll know the moment your child strays beyond designated zones. From the application, you can also see previous locations your child has traveled to.


In terms of the devices themselves, they are stylish and well-made, with a silicone band that’s multi-adjustable for any wrist size. The iGPS Scout is available in blue, pink and green, while the iGPS WIZKID is available in blue, pink and orange. They do differ in features, however. The iGPS SCOUT is the lower-cost device, with support for 8 contacts, while the iGPS WIZKID can support up to 20 contacts. The iGPS WIZKID also has a touchscreen display.

One thing you bear in mind is that you will need to sign up to a dedicated service plan to use the communication features. The service plans range from $15.95 per month to $39.99 per month at the time of writing, and iGPSWatch promises advanced technical support and customer service for all customers. The price for the WIZKID is $119.95, and the price for the Scout is $79.95. You can buy both through the official iGPSWatch website.

Overall, the iGPS SCOUT and iGPS WIZKID are stylish kid’s smartwatches with plenty of useful features for parents. They are also keenly priced with robust technical support. We can, therefore, recommend them to any parents keen on boosting their child’s safety.

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