Titan And HP Will Launch New Smartwatches Later This Year

Titan and HP Will Launch New Smartwatches Later This Year

Indian watchmaker and luxury goods manufacturer Titan Company has teamed up with HP Inc. to launch a range of new smartwatches later this year in India and selected international markets. The range is set to offer more form than function, according to hints in statements released by Titan and HP which feature the phrases “drop-dead gorgeous” and “stylish timepieces”, with HP Inc. General Manager of Wearables and Smart Platforms Sridhar Solur adding, “The [current] market force consumers to sacrifice form for function.”

Of course right now little is really known of the Titan-HP smartwatch range, however, it’s a safe bet that it will offer similar features to Movado’s smartwatch range, which has the Movado-HP Bold Motion, a smartwatch that tracks steps and sleep and offers smartphone-synced alerts by vibration. That particular watch is powered by Fullpower Technologies’ MotionX activity monitoring technology, a technology that can also be found in Alpina and Frederique Constant pieces, and we expect the Titan Company range to be powered by the very same.

What this means, is that we can expect the timepieces to be more fitness trackers than out and out smartwatches (those with their own display and ecosystem). So the range will more than likely take on the appearance of a classic timepiece, only with the connectivity and features you get with a fitness bands such as the Xiaomi Mi band, which tracks your steps and sleep patterns and can be set up to vibrate to alert you to phone calls and wake you up in the morning. Smartwatches of this kind are nothing new, with the Withings Activité and Activité Pop currently the best pound-for-pound devices of this kind on the market.

The release date for the Titan-HP smartwatch range has not yet been announced, but we’ll update you when it is. In the meantime, here’s what Ravi Kant the CEO of the Watches and Accessories Division at Titan Company Limited had to say on the announcement:

“It is indeed a milestone for two of the world’s leading companies to come together and create a unique lifestyle offering for people not only in India but across the world. This category of smartwatches is going to change the way people view the art of timekeeping and beyond.

It was but natural for an innovative company like Titan to partner with HP Inc. for the next step in our journey as a lifestyle company. Users no longer have to decide between tradition and technology.”

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