Titan Gets Into Wearable Tech with the Titan JUXT

Titan Gets Into Wearable Tech with the Titan JUXT

Titan Company is the world’s fifth-largest watch manufacturer, so it’s quite frankly a miracle that it’s taken them two years since the first-gen Moto 360 to launch their own.

We covered Titan’s collaboration with HP back in November, with the story that the company was planning on launching a range of Engineered by HP smartwatches, and they have now come good of that with the unveiling of the Titan JUXT – but are they too late?

While Titan has been stalling, Casio has launched the rugged WSD-F10, Fossil has launched the Q-Founder and Movado has launched three smartwatches. In fact, that’s only the tip of the iceberg, with wearables from FitBit, Breitling, Tag Heuer and Swatch Group launched in the last six months as well. The Titan Juxt, therefore, has a lot of competition, so it’s going to have to be a great device to get the market interested.


So let’s see what’s what with the Titan JUXT:

Depending on how you define a smartwatch (we have found this varies for every consumer depending on personal taste), the JUXT is simply an analog watch with smart sensors and Bluetooth. It doesn’t have a round LCD or AMOLED touchscreen. Instead, the JUXT has an analog dial and a small black-and-white LCD screen located on the middle-lower of the face that serves active notifications.

Unfortunately for Titan, that LCD screen strikes us as odd. It doesn’t really blend in with the aesthetic of the JUXT. It looks like it was added as an afterthought. It breaks up what would otherwise be a pleasant analog dial and compared to the snazzy notification LEDs built into the dial of the Movado Museum Bold Motion and the neat second dial on the Withings Activite, the Juxt’s LCD screen is simply a much-uninspired notification system. It’s a real shame, but it isn’t all bad news with the Juxt.

This is an Engineered by HP device, so it works with both Android and iOS devices over Bluetooth and it has all the usual fitness-tracking capabilities (it will track your steps and calorie burn), and Titan claims you’ll get up to five days of battery life on a single charge.

Buyers will also be pleased to learn that the watch is rated to 5 ATM and there are a few different versions to choose from. These are the Titan JUXT Stainless, Titan JUXT Titanium, and the Titan JUXT Rose Gold. All models come on a leather strap. As their names suggest, these different versions are differentiated by their case material and the cases themselves are rather unique. They are a three-piece design and they really catch the eye – the Titanium model is probably the nicest, but all of them look nice enough (that LCD screen aside). Protecting the dial on all versions is a toughened mineral crystal.

Mineral crystal isn’t as durable as the sapphire crystal found on the HUAWEI Watch or Swiss smartwatches. This is a cost-saving measure, however, because the Titan JUXT is expected to cost a snip over £200 when it finally becomes available in the UK through resellers. In India, Titan’s largest market, the most expensive model (Rose Gold) is set to retail for Rs19, 995, or £206.83 converted. Overall, we’d say that’s a fair price for what you are getting.

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