Withings’ new ScanWatch is hybrid smartwatch that runs ECG | CES 2020

Withings has just revealed their health focused hybrid smartwatch, the ScanWatch at CES 2020. The Scanwatch is Withings’ most advanced offering to date, featuring the ability to detect sleep apnea, run ECG, and more.

The ScanWatch sports a PMOLED digital display on the dial to display health data, which will come in handy to alert the wearer of any potential issues. As for the ECG, this can be done by placing fingers on the sides of the case.

Elsewhere, the ScanWatch can monitor heart rate with its optical sensor, along with heart rate rhythm and detect any irregularities. There’s also an SpO2 sensor on board that can track the amount of oxygen in the blood, which is needed to detect sleep apnea.

For its design, the ScanWatch comes in 2 sizes, 38mm and 42mm, and features a new dial instead of a button to access the additional health monitoring features. The larger size also comes with a raised edge to show minute markers.

Pricing and Availability

Withings plains to launch the ScanWatch in Q2 2019 after FDA and CE health regulatory clearances. The 38mm is priced at $249, while 42mm is $299; a good value for money considering it’s only one of the few smartwatches that can detect sleep apnea and run ECG.

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