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The TickTalk 3 is the smartest kid’s smartwatch in town

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 09/03/2019.

More and more parents are choosing to buy their kid a smartwatch so they can stay connected with them while they’re out. The best kids’ smartwatches also offer location-tracking or let parents set up geo-boundaries. What this is all about of course is parents keeping tabs on their children and being there as quickly as possible in an emergency. Kids aged between 5 and 10 are too young for a phone so a smartwatch is the next best thing. If you’re considering a smartwatch for your own kids, the TickTalk 3 is one of the standout devices of 2019. We came across this device while carrying out research into the market and it impressed us ..


MyKronoz launches new smartwatch range for 2019

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 04/03/2019.

MyKronoz has announced a new range of smartwatches for 2019. The ZeTrack, ZeNeo, ZeRound3 Lite and ZeRound 3 join the ZeSport 2, ZePop and ZeTime 2 in the range and maintain the company’s budget-friendly approach. For those of you who don’t know, MyKronoz is a Swiss company headquartered in Geneva. They make budget-friendly smartwatches and are best-known for the ZeTime, a touchscreen smartwatch with mechanical hands. Their newest additions to the range look to be solid offerings too. Here’s what you need to know.   ZeTrack The ZeTrack is an activity tracker with a 0.92” 128 x 64 IPS-LCD display. It has an IP67 water resistan..


The Nubia Alpha smartwatch has a 4-inch flexible display

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 28/02/2019.

The fully-round display is beautiful. Apple’s squarish display is nice. But with most smartwatch displays coming in at under 1.4”, they’re hardly ‘immersive’. Enter then Nubia, a Chinese manufacturer best-known for their smartphones. They have launched a new smartwatch this week at MWC. It’s called the ‘Alpha’ and it’s packing a 4” display - enough to make the competition blush that’s for sure. The 4” display is a flexible OLED panel with a resolution of 960 x 192. What that means is it literally wraps around your wrist. The ultra-wide aspect ratio is unique and so is the display concept itself. The OLED is built into a flexible resin ..


Samsung announces Galaxy Watch Active

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 22/02/2019.

Samsung have announced a new smartwatch this week - the Galaxy Watch Active, which isn’t a replacement or upgrade to the Galaxy Watch released last year. Instead, it joins the Galaxy Watch range as a more fitness-focused option.   What you need to know It’s smaller and lighter than the Galaxy Watch with improved ergonomics (fit) to make the heart-rate tracking more consistent. It’s also a bit of a strange one to be honest, lacking the rotating bezel of the original Galaxy Watch (the feature that made it so good). The rotating bezel was ditched to make the Active lighter and more comfortable on the wrist. In use, it means you ..


The smartwatch market grew 60% in the US last year

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 22/02/2019.

The smartwatch market is showing no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, it’s actually on the up. Smartwatch sales were up more than 60% in the US last year according to figures from The NPD Group who also said smartwatch sales totalled $5 billion -- triple the amount on 2015 and a 50% increase on 2016. This is a good sign the smartwatch market has plenty of growth in it yet. And with the smartphone market stagnating and even sales of the iPhone not doing too well, it’s expected more manufacturers will get in on the game. Newcomers will have a job on their hands to snatch a portion of the market though, with Apple, Samsung, and F..


The Apple Watch could soon detect if you have a stroke

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 03/02/2019.

With the ability to measure your heart rate, detect if you fall and record an electrocardiogram, the Apple Watch is a surprisingly handy medical device. With a third party accessory called the AURA strap, it can even measure your body composition and hydration levels. How cool is that? Now, Apple is partnering with pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson to see if the Apple Watch can also detect the symptoms of a stroke. The study will see if the Apple Watch can detect Atrial fibrillation (also called AFib or AF) for early diagnosis. So far the study has had positive results although there have also been a few false positives. ..


Apple patent hints at color-changing watch band

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 28/01/2019.

There are two ways you can personalize your smartwatch. With a watch face, or with a watch strap. The latter option requires you to swap out your strap for something new, but an Apple patent could be about to change all that. The new patent filed by Apple uncovered by Pantently Apple shows a fabric watch strap (like perlon) with light fibers embedded in the fabric. These can change to any color with just a few taps on an Apple Watch, so from blue to red or green to yellow. The light fibers change color by way of four LEDs embedded at the lug end of the strap. In the patent, the figure shown has light fibers in strips which would change..


The AURA Apple Watch strap can measure your body composition and hydration levels

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 20/01/2019.

Your Apple Watch can’t do it all. Sure it’ll measure your heart rate, detect if you fall and record an electrocardiogram if you want it to, but that’s hardly breaking the norm. And so a start-up has launched a new smart strap for the Apple Watch that boosts your smartwatch’s capability considerably. It’s called the AURA strap.   The AURA smart strap can do a few things your Apple Watch can’t do alone. It uses bioimpedance technology with a 4-point electrode system to measure your body composition and track it with accuracy. What this means very simply is it detects minute changes in weight loss or gain and can give you an accurate ..


This Mercedes-Benz-branded Vívoactive 3 GPS tracks your health and sends the data to your Mercedes

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 20/01/2019.

We’ve something new for you this week. Mercedes-Benz and Garmin have partnered up to create a Mercedes-Benz-branded Vívoactive 3 GPS smartwatch - and it’s more than just a name. It will track your health in real-time and send that information to your Mercedes so you can get a health (or fitness) update on your infotainment system. So if you head out on a hike, you’ll get a synopsis when you return to the car. Mercedes showed off the new device at CES 2019 alongside their all-new CLA Coupe, a sleeker and (slightly) more practical version of the A-Class. It all sounds very neat, and it is. The customised Vívoactive 3 GPS smartwatch trac..


The Kate Spade Scallop 2 is the chicest new smartwatch in town

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 17/01/2019.

Fashion designer Kate Spade New York has debuted its new smartwatch running Google’s Wear OS at CES 2019. The Scallop Smartwatch 2 collection starts from $300 and is designed with a feminine look to appeal to women. The range is so-called “Scallop” because the bezels on the smartwatches have a scalloped edge. This is a finish usually found on dive watches to improve grip with gloves on, but the Scallop Smartwatch 2 collection takes a more elegant approach. The scallops are larger and smoother, giving each watch a very unique look. The smartwatches are designed to offer SOME everyday luxury. Thanks to that scalloped bezel, each devic..


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