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List Of Best Apps You Must Have For Your Wear OS Smartwatch

Your Android Wear smartwatch can do way more than tell you the time. Of course, you already know that, however, the number of apps available has increased dramatically this last twelve months and in turn so has your device’s functionality. To get the most out of your Android Wear device,…
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The LG Watch W7 brings mechanical hands to Wear OS

If you’re a fan of the Wear OS experience but want mechanical hands on your smartwatch, LG’s launched something new this month just for you. The LG Watch W7 is a touchscreen smartwatch with mechanical hands. It’s got a 1.2-inch LCD 360 x 360 resolution display and a pair of…
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Titan gets into Wearable Tech with the Titan JUXT

Titan Company is the world’s fifth-largest watch manufacturer, so it’s quite frankly a miracle that it’s taken them two years since the first-gen Moto 360 to launch their own. We covered Titan’s collaboration with HP back in November, with the story that the company was planning on launching a range…
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Armani Exchange Launches New Hybrid Smartwatch

Armani Exchange has this week at CES launched a new hybrid smartwatch, called the AX, thus following in the footsteps of the Fossil Group. Armani Exchange’s take on the smartwatch is simple; their hybrid devices are masculine and sporty. The range is highly simplified compared to Fossil’s, too, so choosing…
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Tag Heuer announces Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition

The Tag Heuer Connected has proven to be very popular with folk who hit the green. So much so, the Swiss brand’s announced the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition, an updated version of the standard device. The Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition has a brand-new golfing app that…
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Huawei launches the Huawei Watch GT Active and Elegant

The first-generation Huawei Watch (launched 2015) was one of the best smartwatches on the market at the time. The second-generation Huawei Watch 2 (launched 2017) was, and still is, one of the best smartwatches on the market today – especially the Sport version with its neat ceramic bezel and sporty…
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Engineered by HP Isaac Mizrahi SmartWatch announced

If you like the idea of owning a smartwatch, but you’d like yours to look like a normal timepiece, then there are a few different options available to you. The Withings Activite Sport is an excellent choice if you are looking for Swiss quality and fitness tracking, while the Titan…
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The new iBeat Heart Watch could save your life

A new smartwatch has been launched which could save your life. The iBeat Heart Watch is designed for people with heart problems and cardiovascular disease. It monitors heart rhythm and rate in real-time and acts as a medical alert system in the event of an emergency. It has a medical-grade…
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Apple Watch health features for the elderly

The Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world. Key to its success (aside from that Apple logo) is its usefulness to a wide range of people. Athletes use theirs to track fitness, the average joe uses his to read iMessages on his wrist, and commuters use theirs to…
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MyKronoz Launches New ZeTime Smartwatch Range at CES 2018

With CES 2018 in full swing, we’ve started seeing a wide range of new smartwatches from both known and relatively unknown brands come to market. One such smartwatch is from MyKronoz, a wearables brand we’ve seen before at SmartWatches4U. They have unveiled their ZeTime Regular and Petite smartwatches at CES…
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Epson Launches Five New GPS Smartwatches

Epson is a technology brand best-known for its printers and scanners. They also make projectors, but for the most part, they specialize in inkjet printers, large-format printers, and scanners. In other words, they specialize in office equipment. They have attempted other things, though. For example, back in 2011, they announced…
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Huawei Launches Disney Smartwatches for Kids

If there’s one thing all children love, it’s Disney. Every child has a favorite Disney character or film, and it’s every child’s dream to visit Disneyland at least once. So when a birthday around, at the top of most little ones ‘gift lists’ is usually a Disney toy, such as…
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Best Chinese Smartwatches And Brands To Trust In 2019

It’s a fact that most consumer electronics out of China are cheaper than consumer electronics manufactured elsewhere in the world, which is good news if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch. Chinese smartwatches are 50 to 80 per cent cheaper than smartwatches made by Western brands. It’s important…
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Best Fitbit For Kids: Ultimate Guide For 2019

Fitbit is one of the best-known brands of fitness and activity trackers. Fitbits are reliable, well-made and most importantly of all, they are extremely accurate. For kids, Fitbit is an accessible brand since all their products are keenly priced – and that’s great news for parents of younger kids, who…
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Best Smartwatches For Gym Goers and Fitness Junkies (Updated 2019)

Whether you pump iron, take calisthenics classes or get in your cardio at the gym, a smartwatch can help you work out harder and smarter. The best gym smartwatches will track each lift and every step you take in the gym. If that’s something you’d benefit from, we’ve got some…
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Mlais Android 5.1 Smart Watch Specs and Price

If you are a fan of premium styling but you don’t have the spare cash or desire for more costly brands, then we have found the perfect alternative for you. It’s called the Mlais Android 5.1 Smart Watch and it is very similar to the big names as far as…
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Casio G-Steel B100 Smartwatch Review: A Smart G-Shock.

If you love Casio’s G-SHOCK line but feel more attracted to smartwatches due to their features, the Casio G-Steel B100 is an excellent compromise. This new smartwatch is one of the toughest G-SHOCKs ever made and boasts Smartphone Link technology. Technology Smartphone Link is a mobile application and sync technology…
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iGPS Scout and iGPS WIZKID Review: Stylish Smartwatches For Kids?

Safety is without a doubt a parent’s top priority for their child. And, as any parent would attest to, there’s little worse feeling in the world than when a child goes missing or moves out of sight for a period of time. If you have experienced this before, you’ll know…
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Best Smartwatches with Sapphire Crystal Screens

Today, it seems that the world’s best and most expensive smartwatches have screens covered by a single, highly durable material: sapphire crystal. Not only does it sound as though it’s high-quality, sapphire crystal is also extremely hard (sapphire is the second strongest jewel on the Mohs mineral hardness scale), making…
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Best Apple Watch Alternatives: The Ultimate List

The Apple Watch is a seriously good smartwatch. There’s no doubt about it being a top-tier device. But that square face isn’t for everyone. And you know what? The Apple brand isn’t for everyone either. Most people we talk to say Apple has lost its mojo. Believe the same? It…
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Best Smartwatches For Heart Rate Tracking In [Year]

Think all heart rate trackers on smartwatches are created equal? Think again. The performance of heart rate trackers differs considerably across manufacturers and there are three reasons why this can be the case. The first reason is the hardware. All smartwatches use an optical heart rate sensor that detects the…
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Best Smartwatches 2019 – the ultimate list!

Looking for the best smartwatches of ? Look no further. We’ve created a huge, detailed list of the best smartwatches to help you in your search. This guide is a compilation of our previous round-up review articles of the best smartwatches by function, feature and profession. Over the last two…
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Best GPS Tracking Smartwatches For Kids In The Market Right Now

Strapping one of the latest pieces of smart technology to your child’s wrist makes more sense than you might think these days. In an age brimming with potential threats and reasons to worry about your youngsters, the right GPS tracking smartwatch can allow you to monitor your child’s location in…
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Matrix PowerWatch: Never Charge Your Smartwatch Again

One of the biggest hurdles preventing people from purchasing a smartwatch is the worry that they’ll need to plug-in their timepiece every day just to use it on a regular basis. Since smartphones require charging at least every day to work, it makes sense that a smartwatch would need equal…
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LG G Watch R Smartwatch

The LG G Watch R was one of the first smartwatches to grace the growing smartwatch industry. It operates on Google’s Android Wear operating system and is compatible with Android 4.3 or higher. It offers all the functionality associated with the Android platform and has a square screen, which is…
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The Amazfit Verge is now available in the U.S.

Back in September, Huami (the world’s second-largest wearables maker) announced a new smartwatch called the Amazfit Verge. The Verge is now available for pre-order in the U.S. for $159, which is plenty cheap for what you get. The Amazfit Verge runs a new proprietary software developed in collaboration with visual…
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