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The Amazfit Verge is now available in the U.S.

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 08/12/2018.

Back in September, Huami (the world’s second largest wearables maker) announced a new smartwatch called the Amazfit Verge. The Verge is now available for pre-order in the U.S. for $159, which is plenty cheap for what you get. The Amazfit Verge runs a new proprietary software developed in collaboration with visual effects company Territory Studio. The new operating system is designed specifically for ease of use, with every feature available within just a few taps. So, there’s no Wear OS here, but to be honest we’re rather glad because variety is the spice of life and going with Wear OS is the easy way to do it. Companies like Huami ..


Casio perfects the outdoor smartwatch with the WSD-F30

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 06/12/2018.

Looking for a really great outdoorsy smartwatch? For the last few years, Casio's been on a roll with that. The WSD-F10 and WSD-20 that followed were (and still are) among the best rugged Wear OS smartwatches on the market. Now though there's a new model in town, and as you might predict it follows Casio's familiar naming scheme. It's called the WSD-F30.   Casio WSD-F30 The Casio WSD-F30 takes our crown for the best rugged smartwatch of 2018. It's got innovative battery modes which can stretch out well over a week of use, and an innovative dual-layer 1.2-ich display. Here's what you need to know: The 1.2-inch 390 x 390-pixe..


Google’s Wear OS update ‘H’ promises better battery life

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 19/11/2018.

Image: Montblanc Summit 2 / Fossil Sport Smartwatch Back in September Google rolled out a new Wear OS update. It brought with it wholesale changes to the notification system and shortcuts, markedly improving how these features are navigated and visualised on screen. Google’s next Wear OS update, ‘H’, is lined up for release soon with Google saying it’ll appear across devices “in the coming months”. It’s nowhere near as big an update as the beast in September but it could be just as important. Battery life ‘H’ will introduce a new battery saver mode that can shut down all a smartwatch’s connectivity suite. Activated below 10%, ..


Fossil gets sporty with the Fossil Sport smartwatch

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 11/11/2018.

In September, Qualcomm (the makers of the Snapdragon processor) released their next-generation wearables chipset. The Snapdragon 3100 Wear CPU is built for Wear OS smartwatches, boasting better battery life than the older 2100 CPU. Since its announcement, we’ve seen the launch of the superb Montblanc Summit 2 and now Fossil’s getting in on the 3100 with the Fossil Sport. The Fossil Sport is a sports casual smartwatch with Wear OS, so it’s just at home sweating it up on a run outdoors as it is on your wrist at dinner. Powered by the Snapdragon Wear 3100 CPU, it boasts slick performance and a full day’s battery life with normal use. I..


The Coros Apex is runner’s delight with a stonking 30-day battery life

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 08/11/2018.

The market for fitness smartwatches is huge. So huge that big fish like Garmin and Fitbit release a new device every year into it. Coros is a much smaller brand, but their new device, the Apex, could be the best of the lot. It’s a button-operated smartwatch with an always-on memory LCD, sapphire crystal, a 46mm or 42mm titanium case and a battery life that’s grabbing headlines.   The 46mm version has a 30-day battery life in normal mode, which keeps the LCD display active. Toggle GPS on, and the Apex will give you 100-hours of runtime, so just a snitch over 4 days. The 42mm version has a slightly smaller battery, but still manages..


Smartwatch shipments show huge growth in third quarter

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 05/11/2018.

Smartwatch shipments are up 67 per cent thanks to a strong showing from the Apple Watch Series 4, Fitbit Versa and Samsung Galaxy Watch. Strategy Analytics estimates smartwatch shipments to be up as much as 67% compared to this time last year with as many as 10 million devices shipping out. Included in their data, 4.5 million shipments are accounted to Apple, 1.5 million to Fitbit, 1.1 million to Samsung, 0.8 million to Garmin and 2.1 million to the rest of the market to make up a total of 10 million units in the third quarter. Perhaps what’s most telling is the growth compared to this time last year. Apple shipped 3.1 million devi..


Garmin Instinct announced with GPS and military-grade build

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 05/11/2018.

Enjoy outdoor sports like mountain biking or running? Then a shiny smartwatch just ain’t going to cut it. Risk wearing something like an Apple Watch on a BMX ride or country run, and you risk getting it scratched up or smashed up. What you really want is G-SHOCK levels of toughness, and Garmin have released a smartwatch with exactly that in the Instinct - a new smartwatch built for the outdoors. The Garmin Instinct is one of the toughest smartwatches we’ve seen. It’s built to the U.S. military standard 810G for thermal, shock, and water resistance. MIL-STD-810 certification means the Garmin Instinct offers a higher level of durab..


The Honor Watch Magic Miniaturises the Huawei Watch GT’s winning formula

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 04/11/2018.

If you’re a fan of the Huawei Watch GT but want something smaller and more affordable, the Honor Watch Magic is the smartwatch you want. The Watch Magic is a Watch GT is miniature form. The best part is it has all the fantastic features offered by the larger Huawei. It doesn’t compromise on spec. For those of you who don’t know, Huawei is Honor’s parent company but Honor is an entirely separate brand in its own right. The two do share design notes though, which is why Honor’s Watch Magic looks so much like Huawei’s Watch GT. The differences between the two devices are subtle but obvious on the wrist. The Honor Watch Magic has a s..


Fitbit earnings beat expectations fuelled by strong smartwatch sales

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 02/11/2018.

The American wearables manufacturer has struggled to turn a profit year on year but managed to do so this quarter fuelled by strong smartwatch sales, with smartwatches now accounting for around half of total revenue. Net losses decreased significantly to $2.1 million from $113.4 million this time last year, a difference of $111.3 million. This paints a rosy picture for Fitbit, who released the Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Ace and Fitbit Aria 2 this year. These four devices accounted for 62% of revenue, which just goes to show how well their smartwatches are selling. Due to this positive performance Fitbit is predicting a st..


Tory Burch launches Classic Gigi smartwatch with Wear OS, GPS and NFC

Posted by Martin Simkin in News on 31/10/2018.

Fancy yourself a Wear OS smartwatch that’s both fashionable and capable? The new Tory Burch Classic Gigi is designed specially for you. This stylish smartwatch is available in black, silver or gold and 40mm and 48mm sizes. It’s made as a unisex device but with its feminine Tory Burch name, we expect it’ll appeal more to ladies than men. That’s a shame though because there’s no visible branding on the watch other than on the watch face, which you can change. Anyway, this is the best fashion smartwatch on the market in terms of specs, so if you’re after a designer smartwatch that does stuff, look no further. The 1.19-inch round 390..


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