Apple Watch Sport
The appeal of the Apple Watch is that there is a variant for everyone. The Apple Watch Sport collect..
Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the HUAWEI Watch. Inspired by the designs of luxury Swiss watch..
LG Watch Urbane
LG Watch Urbane is the third Android Wear smartwatch introduced by the Korean company. The new watch..
Samsung Gear S2
Introducing your new watch, the Samsung Gear S2. The Gear S2 comes in two different versions, whi..
Fitbit Charge
Fitbit, one of the top wearable wireless activity tracker manufacturers, recently introduced its new..
Fitbit Flex
This sleek, slim and stylish electronic wrist band will become your lifelong companion. It helps you..
Garmin vivosmart
Garmin, a company previously known for its GPS-enabled devices, introduced its new device Vivosmart,..
Jawbone UP24
Best known for its flair and beauty, the Jawbone UP24 is an easy-to-use fitness tracker that counts ..
  • LG Patent Hints Toward a Smartwatch with a Camera

    A camera in a smartwatch might sound awkward, but a new patent from LG shows a new design that could make taking a snap from your wrist easy. The patent has recently been filed with the USTPO (United States Trademark and Patent Office) and s..

  • Louis Vuitton Releases Updated Tambour Horizon for 2019

    You might remember back in 2017 luxury brand Louis Vuitton launched the Tambour Horizon -- their first ever smartwatch. With a solid up-to-date specification, first-rate build quality and a price tag of $2,450.00, it hit headlines for a few reaso..

  • One in ten U.S. adults will own a smartwatch in 2019

    People always want the cool new thing. When smartwatches first came about (good ones that is - cheers Apple) everyone wanted one on their wrist. The initial hype died down after a year or so though, and sales started to slow. This led to some ‘an..

  • Apple Watch health features for the elderly

    The Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world. Key to its success (aside from that Apple logo) is its usefulness to a wide range of people. Athletes use theirs to track fitness, the average joe uses his to read iMessages on his wris..

  • Black Friday 2018 Smartwatch and fitness band deals

    Black Friday is nearly upon us, and in good old-fashioned spirit retailers are getting in early on their best deals. You could save $20, $30, $40 or even more than $50 on a new smartwatch or fitness band with the right Black Friday deal. In this ..

  • The Best Wear OS smartwatches

    If you want a smartwatch experience that’s buttery smooth with access to a huge range of apps, Wear OS smartwatches can’t be beaten. Google doesn’t allow manufacturers to customise Wear OS to any great extent, which means smartwatches running ..


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