Best Chinese Smartwatches And Brands To Trust In 2019

Best Chinese Smartwatches And Brands To Trust In 2019

It’s a fact that most consumer electronics out of China are cheaper than consumer electronics manufactured elsewhere in the world, which is good news if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch. Chinese smartwatches are 50 to 80 percent cheaper than smartwatches made by Western brands.

It’s important to point out too that Chinese smartwatches are branded – it’s just you’ve probably never heard of them. So-called micro-brands tend to pop up, put their name on a smartwatch, and then disappear to rename themselves. It’s just how the market works over there, and it works well.

The Best Chinese Smartwatches You Can Buy

In this article, we’ll reveal the best Chinese smartwatches on the market right now. We’ve done our best to source devices that are well-established and widely recommended, to ensure our top picks remain relevant for as long as possible. Whatever the case, the best Chinese-made smartwatch has lots to offer.

Ticwatch S2


Thanks to its coverage in Western media, the Ticwatch S2 is probably the best-known Chinese smartwatch on the market. And for good reason – it’s a compelling package as a smartwatch that is not only durable but comes packed with features. 

For its construction, the S2 has a minimal and elegant design that is actually extremely durable. In fact, Mobvoi claims that it is of US military-grade durability and can withstand extreme temperatures, shock, dust, or water up to 5 ATM. This easily makes the S2 the toughest watch among other Chinese smartwatches.

Another great stand out feature of the Ticwatch S2 is the display; it’s a 400×400 resolution OLED panel with an impressive 287ppi, making it one of the best displays on any smartwatch. The screen is absolutely outstanding and is easily better than many options that are more than double the price of the S2.

On the software side of things, the S2 is running Wear OS, which is undoubtedly more refined than any proprietary OS that comes with other Chinese smartwatches. Expect easy pairing with your phone to get notifications, sending quick replies, and an intuitive. With that said, do note the S2 does not come with an NFC chip, so you wouldn’t be able to utilize Google Pay.

Elsewhere, the Ticwatch 2 has GPS and GLONASS support for location tracking on top of a heart-rate monitor all wrapped up in a premium aluminum case.

Overall, the S2 is an amazing value for money, considering how polished it is at only $179.99. For that price, the S2 offers a class-leading display, fantastic durability, and the reliability of Wear OS. This is a smartwatch that you simply cannot go wrong with.

Reasons to buy:
– Incredibly tough
– Fantastic high definition display
– Intuitive to use with Wear OS
– Fully featured sensors and tracking capabilities
– Extremely cheap for its features

Reasons not to buy:
– No NFC chip
– No LTE connectivity
– No water resistance
– Limited compatibility with iPhones

As you can see, there’s nothing much we can really complain about the S2, as it truly covers all the basics people look for in a smartwatch, making it a steal at just $179.99.

ZeBlaze THOR 5 Flagship


The ZeBlaze THOR 5 Flagship is a top-tier Chinese smartwatch packing unbelievable hardware for its price. The specs that this smartwatch packs under the hood are simply unheard of at the price of just $158, but the THOR 5 is positioned more of a smartphone on your wrist than a smartwatch.

It boasts a truly stunning 454×454 resolution 1.39” AMOLED display and an eye-catching 85% screen to body ratio. It runs Android 7.0, which has been highly customized to provide a seamless smartwatch experience but isn’t quite as optimized as Wear OS.

Crucially, this smartwatch is very fast. It runs a MediaTek MTK6739 Quad-Core processor with 2GB RAM (most smartwatches have just 768MB of RAM), and it has 16GB of onboard storage which is four times the amount you’ll find on a Samsung Gear S3. It’s also got a low powered Nordic 52840 processor, which it can use to preserve battery life. It also helps that the THOR 5 has a whopping 545 mAH battery, which is significantly larger than other smartwatches.

One insane feature of this Chinese smartwatch is that it has an 8MP front-facing camera, which makes video calls possible right from the watch. On top of that, you could do this only with the watch by itself, as the THOR 5 is compatible with global 4G LTE bands and WiFi.

ZeBlaze is truly blowing the competition away with this camera, as you can actually do a face unlock like FaceID on iPhones on this watch. We’ve never seen any other smartwatch implement this feature, and it is truly unbelievable that a watch coming in at a fraction of the price of other options.

Cementing its position as one of the best Chinese smartwatches is its premium metal build. It feels awesome on the wrist and looks three times as expensive as it is. From its looks, you really can’t tell that this is a Chinese smartwatch priced at only $158.

Other than that, the THOR 5 is also equipped with GPS + GLONASS tracking, Google Maps compatibility, and a heart-rate monitor.

In a nutshell, the THOR 5 packs a truly insane feature set for its price, but despite the large battery capacity, utilizing all of its capabilities will most definitely take a huge toll on the battery life. ZeBlaze is also arguably not as established as Mobvoi, the makers of the Ticwatch, so you might have some difficulties getting support from them if the need arises. All in all, the THOR 5 is still an outstanding smartwatch for the price, and gets an easy recommendation from us.

Reasons to buy:
– Beautiful design
– Class-leading high definition display
– Comes with 8MP front-facing camera with Face Unlock
– Has every feature you could possibly want in a smartwatch
– Runs the full Android 7.1 instead of Wear OS
– LTE connectivity
– Extremely cheap for its specs

Reasons not to buy:
– No NFC chip
– Despite large battery size, only has a subpar battery life
– Runs the full version of Android that isn’t optimized for smartwatches
– No water resistance

While the THOR 5 certainly one-ups almost every other smartwatch when you compare them in terms of price and features, it certainly has some quirks that might turn some people off. For one, it’s actually running the full version of Android instead of Wear OS. While its features are amazing, not even the huge battery could sustainably run this watch for a full day if you utilize the watch heavily.

However, at just $158, the THOR 5 truly exceeds our expectations on Chinese smartwatches, as long as you can live with its compromises.

Amazfit Bip


For $79.99, it doesn’t get much better than the Amazfit Bip. This smartwatch has a touchscreen, GPS and a heart-rate monitor. It’s also got GLONASS, IP68 water resistance, and a compass, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a barometer. It offers highly accurate fitness tracking for a great price. What more could you possibly want?

The Amazfit Bip is manufactured by Huami, a company owned by Xiaomi, but it’s a standalone device. It runs its own proprietary OS and has a 176×176 resolution 1.2” display. The display is covered in Gorilla Glass 3 for durability. You can set it up to receive push notifications from your smartphone, and it’s compatible with Android and iPhone devices. Do note that you can only read notifications on the Bip, but you cannot send texts or make phone calls.

Other than its incredible price, the Amazfit Bip also offers an outstanding 30-day battery life. This isn’t in some low-powered mode, either. There are thousands of customer reviews on Amazon that can attest to this, so if you want a watch with incredible battery life, look no further than the Bip.

The Amazfit Bip also runs its own OS instead of Wear OS, which is one of the reasons that it can achieve such battery life. While you won’t be able to download third-party apps, you’ll be able to sync your fitness data with Google Fit, so that you’ll be able to see your data in a dashboard on your phone.

Thanks to its small form factor, the Bip only weighs 32g, which means you’ll probably never even notice it on your wrist. It’s also dust and water-resistant thanks to its IP68 rating, which is amazing given the price point.

In a nutshell, if you want a budget pick for a Chinese smartwatch, there’s simply no other option that can beat the value of the Amazfit Bip for just $79.99.

Reasons to buy:
– Insane value for money: only costs $79.99
– Water-resistant
– Comes with GPS tracking
– Real 30-day battery life
– Ultra-lightweight and comfortable

Reasons not to buy:
– No NFC chip
– No LTE connection
– Not capable of sending texts or making calls

If you have a limited budget, the Amazfit Bip is a no brainer thanks to its rock bottom price. While it has some notable omissions to hit this price point, we think none of them are particularly deal-breakers if you can set your expectations right.

Amazfit Pace


If you love the value proposition of the Amazfit Bip, the Pace offers more of the same in a more attractive package. It has the build quality of a top-tier smartwatch and boasts a huge feature set at a price of just $129.99. It features GPS and GLONASS connectivity, heart-rate monitoring, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and can be set up for push notifications. 

The screen is great too. It’s a 1.34” capacitive touchscreen with reflective display technology, which means it’s easy to see outdoors even under sunlight. The resolution is 320 x 300 pixels, so it’s sharp, a worthwhile upgrade over the Bip. The Amazfit Pace is fast, too, thanks to a dual-core 1.2Ghz processor and 512MB of RAM. 

The Amazfit Pace also has an incredible 7-day battery life, which is impressive considering its bigger screen and added functionalities. Amazfit also claims the Pace can last for 35 hours with continuous usage of the GPS, so battery life won’t be a concern here. The Pace is also fully equipped to track all kinds of health data, namely heartbeat, sleeping patterns, footsteps, calories, and more.

With that said, the Amazfit Pace falls short in the music playback department, as it requires you to download music to the watch beforehand to be played through your headphones. While you can store up to 500 songs this way, downloading and storing music this way feels archaic and unintuitive.

Moreover, the Pace is also IP67 water and dust resistant and is constructed from a glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate for the watch case. This means that the Pace should be able to take a beating, and we’re glad that Huami didn’t cut any corners in this department.

Overall, the Pace is a great bargain at $129.99 if you can make do with offline music playback. Otherwise, there’s nothing much we can nitpick about this watch.

Reasons to buy:
– Great bang for the buck
– Comes with IP67 water & dust resistance
– Stylish design
– 7-day battery life
– Powerful processor despite its low price

Reasons not to buy:
– No NFC chip
– No LTE connection
– Music playback is only available offline
– Not capable of sending texts or making calls

Overall, the Pace is a great bargain at $129.99 if you can make do with offline music playback. It offers the same value proposition as the Bip with just a modest added price, but you get a lot more for your money in return.



The LEMFO LEMX is another solid Chinese smartwatch, but it’s more like a smartphone on your wrist than a smartwatch. It runs Android 7.1 with a highly customized interface instead of Wear OS, which isn’t as intuitive to use on a small screen.

It’s got a speedy Quad-Core processor, 1GB of RAM, and a huge 2.03” IPS display with a 640×590 resolution. It’s also got by far the biggest battery of any smartwatch, coming at 900 mAH. It’s also got an 8MP camera that is pointed to the right, which is capable of taking decent photos. These specs make the Lemx on par with a smartphone just a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, these specs mean that the Lemx is very heavy at 94g, and very bulky on the wrist at a 60mm size. 

It looks and feels the part too with a stainless steel watch case wrapped around a minimal circular screen. However, due to its unusual resolution, the bottom of the watch has an unsightly bezel. The interface also doesn’t scale properly with this resolution, cutting out certain display elements on the bezel.

The Lemx also has built-in GPS keeps accurate track of your routes, while a heart-rate tracker keeps track of your health. This is one of the few Chinese smartwatches to have proper Google Assistant support. Just say “OK, Google” to get started.

The Lemx also has a Nano-SIM slot with support for 4G networks to make phone calls independently. Thanks to its size, the Lemx has decent speaker and microphone quality, making it totally viable as a standalone smartwatch.

Overall, we can see that Lemfo clearly positioned the Lemx more of a smartphone on your wrist than a smartwatch, and while you do get a lot for your money at just $189.99, you’d have to prepare to deal with its large size and heavy weight should you choose to purchase this option. There’s also no water or dust resistance here, as the components have presumably consumed so much space in the watch that there is no room for seals to provide extra protection.

Reasons to buy:
– Decent price
– Screen has the highest resolution of any smartwatch
– Stylish design
– Huge 900 mAH battery
– Powerful processor
– LTE connectivity and capable of making calls

Reasons not to buy:
– Extremely large and heavy
– No water or dust resistance
– Music playback is only available offline
– Unsightly bezel
– Runs the full version of Android that isn’t optimized for smartwatches

If you can deal with the large and heavy nature of the Lemx, it makes a solid choice for a standalone smartwatch at $174. However, we think the bottom bezel is a huge compromise despite its large screen. For this reason, we think most people would be better off with the cheaper THOR 5. 



Priced at $54.97, the FITVII V12C is one of the Cheaper Chinese smartwatches on our list. On paper, this smartwatch offers a lot for the money, but we think its omissions make it far less appealing than some of the other watches you can buy for just a little more money.

The FITVII V12C comes with built-in GPS tracking, a heart-rate monitor, a blood pressure monitor, and even a sleep tracker. It’s also got an IP68 water resistance rating, which is a huge win for its price point. On top of that, the V12C features a minimal metal frame with chamfered edges, making it look and feel way more expensive than it is.

For its software, the V12C is running a proprietary OS that is simple and intuitive to use, but a tad slow thanks to its mediocre processor. While you’ll still be able to navigate through its menus and apps, the V12C leaves a lot to be desired with its performance. With that said, we can see how this tradeoff on performance actually works well for the V12C, as it has a lengthy 7-day battery life.

The V12C doesn’t compromise on its screen, either, as it has a 240*240 resolution 1.3” display that is sufficiently bright for viewing outdoors. So far, so good, right?

Where the V12C falls short is that since it’s running a proprietary OS from a small company, you’ll need to install the MorePro app on your phone to get connected to your watch, which is the biggest downfall of this watch. The app can be finicky to set up and only works at a short-range despite using a Bluetooth connection.

If you don’t mind the-less-than ideal app, the V12C is a great buy if you’re looking for a budget smartwatch. It covers the basics of a smartwatch just right, but we’d shell out just a bit more money to get the Amazfit Bip for its much more polished interface.

Reasons to buy:
– Super low price
– Decent features considering the price
– Elegant design
– Fantastic battery life
– IP68 water resistance

Reasons not to buy:
– Can be tricky to set up with the app
– Syncing only works properly at a short-range
– No music playback

If you just want to try out an inexpensive smartwatch and don’t care for any bells and whistles, the FITVII V12C is an excellent choice at just $54. With that said, we think the Amazfit Bip offers a lot more value for only $25 more on top of the V12C, and we think that is the better choice for most people.

Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE


The Ticwatch Pro is probably the most well-known Chinese smartwatch in this list, and for good reason: it offers pretty much everything you could possibly want in a smartwatch and more for a reasonable price. With its dual-layer screen, the Ticwatch can last up to a whopping 30 days on a charge on its low-powered screen, or 2-5 days when alternating between the low-powered and high-resolution screens.

The Ticwatch Pro now features an unmistakably premium build thanks to its stainless steel case and a top-tier strap that features a mix of silicone and leather. These additions put the Ticwatch Pro on the same playing field as big names in the smartwatch space such as Samsung and Apple.

Not to be outdone by the competition, the Ticwatch also features waterproofing with an IP68 water resistance rating. Mobvoi claims that the Ticwatch Pro can be submerged in 1.5m of fresh-water for up to 30 minutes, though they don’t recommend you swim with it.

The key feature of the Ticwatch Pro, the dual-layered screen, really does give you the best of both worlds. The LCD display is specifically built to only display to show basic info such as the time, date, or any health data that you want to be displayed without consuming the power of the OLED screen underneath. This lets the Ticwatch achieve superb battery life while still being easily visible outdoors.

On the software side, the Ticwatch Pro runs Wear OS, Google’s operating system for smartwatches. This means that the Ticwatch has native support for plenty of apps such as Whatsapp, Google Maps, and so on. Wear OS also comes with Google Assistant, which can help you send texts using dictation or even give you directions via Google Maps. This is far superior than other watches in this list that actually runs a cut down version of Android instead of Wear OS, which was purpose-built for the smartwatch form factor. 

The Ticwatch is also equipped with an NFC chip, making it capable of contactless payments via Google Pay, a widely adopted payment option across the world.

Coming in at $299, the Ticwatch Pro is one of the more expensive Chinese smartwatches in this list, but actually presents a good value for money considering that it’s going up against the likes of the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

As far as Chinese smartwatches go, the Ticwatch Pro undoubtedly takes the title for the best Chinese smartwatch bar none. With that said, when compared to other smartwatches in its price point, its performance isn’t quite up to snuff with the competition. This is the only thing we can nitpick about the Ticwatch Pro, and for $299, we can certainly say that it’s one of the best premium Chinese smartwatches you can buy right now.

Reasons to buy:
– Innovative dual-layer screen
– Outstanding battery life
– Support for 3rd party apps with Wear OS
– Compatible with Google Pay with NFC chip
– Cheaper than the competition
– 4G LTE connectivity
– Premium build quality

Reasons not to buy:
– Less-than-ideal performance

The Ticwatch Pro sets the benchmark among other Chinese smartwatches and covers almost all the basics when it comes to the core necessities of a standalone smartwatch. At $299, this watch is a great deal when you consider that it’s competing with other smartwatches that are cost hundreds of dollars more.

Huawei Watch GT 2

huawei watch gt 2

Huawei has always been known for the top-tier hardware, and the Huawei Watch GT 2 is no exception. Priced at a reasonable $299, the GT2 easily has the most stylish and luxurious design for smartwatches in this price range, featuring a sleek, polished metal bezel and a strap made from genuine leather. The glass on the screen is also made with 3D glass, which allows it to seamlessly wrap around the metal bezels, giving the GT2 a very slick look.

The GT2 is also slim at only 12mm for the watch case, making it look more like a Tag-Heuer than a smartwatch. It also helps that the wrist bands are replaceable, and there are a plethora of options to customise it exactly to your liking.

Under the hood, the Huawei Watch GT2 is powered by Huawei’s Kirin A1 processor, which gives a whopping two-week battery life with active usage; we’re talking about using the watch with GPS, notification, and fitness tracking features on. This amazing battery life means that you can comfortably keep the GT2 on your wrist pretty much all the time, as you’d barely need to charge it.

For its screen, the GT2 sports a 454*454 pixel OLED display at 1.39 inches, making watch faces and text very sharp and a pleasure to look at. Thanks to the OLED display, pixels that are displaying pure black elements are actually turned off, which is part of the reason that the GT2 is able to achieve such an amazing battery life.

Unfortunately, the Huawei Watch GT2 is held back by its software. It runs Huawei’s proprietary OS, which is fine for the most part but doesn’t allow you to install any third-party apps. This means you will only be able to view your notifications from your phone but not respond to them. The notifications are also presented in a very generic way as the GT2 doesn’t have native apps for messaging apps such as Whatsapp, which can make reading notifications inconsistent and confusing.

With that said, Huawei’s OS does provide you with a ton of fitness tracking capabilities, and the watch faces that come with the OS are very well designed and looks great. The Huawei Health app is also one of the better companion apps for smartwatches and displays your data in an intuitive dashboard.

The GT2 also suffers in the connectivity department, as it lacks both 4G LTE and WiFi capabilities, making it incapable of making calls or sending texts independently. You’ll be able to make calls from your watch, thanks to its speaker and microphone, but only when you’re tethered to your phone via the Bluetooth connection.

To wrap things up, the Huawei Watch GT2 is undeniably gorgeous on the wrist, but fall short in several key areas. While it’s battery life is fantastic, we can’t help but feel short-changed due to its poor connectivity options.

Reasons to buy:
– Exquisite design
– Incredible battery life
– Fantastic screen
– Great companion app
– Decent price

Reasons not to buy:
– Poor connectivity
– No support for 3rd party apps

With its drop-dead gorgeous looks, we can easily see past the Huawei Watch GT2’s shortcomings, especially at its asking price of $299. Its two-week battery life also means that you can keep this beautiful watch on your wrist all the time, which you will want to do considering how good it looks. With that said, you’ll lose out on the ability to use this smartwatch independently due to its lacklustre connectivity, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you have your phone nearby most of the time.


Over the years, Chinese smartwatches are certainly making great leaps of progress to put them on par with manufacturers from across the world, and the watches in this list is a clear testament to that.

As for our recommendation, we think you’d get the best bang for your buck from the Amazfit Bip and the Amazfit Pace. Coming in at $79.99 and $129.99, respectively, both of Amazfit’s offerings more than justify their price points and offers a wholesome smartwatch experience for a fraction of the price.

If you have a higher budget but still want the value proposition of a Chinese smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT2 and the Ticwatch Pro would be solid choices, both priced at $299. When it comes to deciding between these two, go for the Ticwatch Pro if you’re looking for cellular connectivity. If you can live without a cellular connection on your smartwatch, we highly recommend opting for the Huawei Watch GT2 for its incredibly slick design.

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