Google Sets up Tap-to-Pay Services for Android Smartwatches

Google Sets up Tap-to-Pay Services for Android Smartwatches


Google doesn’t often have a reputation for trailing behind other manufacturers when it comes to technological development – however, it seems that in the smartwatch world, the company has been failing to keep to the cutting edge. For months now, Apple users have been able to pay with their products using their Apple Watches, and Samsung users can even accomplish the exact same results with Samsung Play. Unfortunately, Android Wear users have been forced to linger disappointingly behind the rest of the tech – or use awkward workarounds to get the right results.

Fortunately, it seems that Google may now finally be ready to bring the tap-to-pay solution into the Android market – thanks to the evidence introduced in Google Play Services version 10.0. For those with an Android Wear watch, which includes an NFC chip, it will soon be possible to touch your watch to terminals to pay for your goods.

Getting Back to the Cutting Edge

We often associate Google with the place to go when we want immediate, relevant, and up-to-date services – but that certainly hasn’t been the case with Android Wear watches. Though it is possible for consumers to use tap to pay on their Android devices today, they need to use a Samsung Gear S3 watch with Samsung Pay. The feature only works on Android devices with KitKat 4.4 or later, because Samsung recently made their service available to other Android smartphone brands.

The Gear is built using the same magnetic strip for payment as the rest of Samsung’s phone, which means that you should be able to pay with your watch just about anywhere in the world. Of course, this workaround doesn’t mean much to people who know users with apple tech. iPhone users have been able to use the Apple watch to make their purchases for over a year now.

When Will Users Get Tap-to-Pay Features On Their Smartwatch?

Despite the fact that Google Play Services has already shown hints of the Tap-to-Pay solution floating around, and the evidence is obviously there that this app is in the final stages of its development – the chances are that it’s not going to be here immediately. In fact, most experts agree that you probably won’t get a chance to use tap-to-pay properly until the Android Wear 2.0 arrives during the early part of 2017.

Some people in the smartwatch industry are even suggesting that the new feature might arrive on the scene at the same time as a rumored set of Android Wear models that have been designed and built by Google to be the equivalent to their Pixel phones.

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