Matrix PowerWatch

Matrix PowerWatch: Never Charge Your Smartwatch Again


One of the biggest hurdles preventing people from purchasing a smartwatch is the worry that they’ll need to plug-in their timepiece every day just to use it on a regular basis. Since smartphones require charging at least every day to work, it makes sense that a smartwatch would need equal maintenance.

However, a recent development, known as the “Matrix PowerWatch” could have the answer we’ve all been looking for. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, and capable of syncing with Android or iOS, the PowerWatch charges using nothing more than body heat.

How Does It Work?

So how could a smartwatch use body heat to charge? Well, the device uses something known as thermoelectric technology, a process that converts the wearer’s body heat into electrical power. At present, this is the only smartwatch on the market to feature a power meter, which displays exactly how much electrical power you generate at any given time. The hotter you are, the more you charge.

When the watch is removed, your data gets stored within the built-in memory banks, and the watch simply goes to sleep, drawing the tiniest amount of energy possible. The only downside is that this invention doesn’t seem to offer wrist-based notifications.

What Can It Do?


According to the manufacturer, the PowerWatch is waterproof up to 50cm and can measure calories, track activity, and evaluate sleep patterns. On top of all of that, the Power Watch will also come with interchangeable watch faces – similar to many other smart devices on the market today.

The PowerWatch can also support both the Google Fit and Apple Health kit software – making it the perfect option for many fitness fanatics.

Up until now, the manufacturers have been working on the watch design for no less than five years, and the PowerWatch is still seeking backers on Indiegogo, where people can currently pre-order it for a reduced price of £96, or $119.

With a little luck, makers of the PowerWatch hope that they’ll be able to start shipping the product around the world from July 2017. The Team has already reached their funding goal, which means that the PowerWatch is in motion – we just have to wait a little bit longer to see it emerge onto the market. Once it is fully launched in 2017, the PowerWatch is predicted to have a retail price of around £137, or $169.99 – incredibly affordable for such an innovative device, if we may say so.

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