Swarovski to Launch a Smartwatch at Baselworld 2017

Swarovski to Launch a Smartwatch at Baselworld 2017


Swarovski’s high street stores are full of bling. The brand has carved out its own market in the jewelry industry, and now they will be moving into wearables, with an announcement at CES that the company will launch its own Android Wear smartwatch.

Swarovski Smartwatch – What we know

The Swarovski smartwatch will target women and it’ll be unveiled at Baselworld in March. This is good news for the market as a whole as so far smartwatches designed specifically for women have been few and far between. Something that needs to change.

Aside from those details, very little is known about the Swarovski smartwatch, with the announcement at CES in Las Vegas coming from Qualcomm, the manufacturers of Snapdragon processors. Qualcomm announced a Swarovski smartwatch during their Snapdragon 858 chip press event. All we know about the smartwatch right now is that it will be elegant, probably lined with crystals, and it’ll pack a Snapdragon 858 processor.

Market competition

Swarovski will be following in the footsteps of the Fossil Group by launching a smartwatch, although the Fossil Group recently launched 40 new smartwatches (yes, you read that right, 40 new smartwatches), so Swarovski will have to launch a device that’s rather special to stand out in a market that is ever-changing and always growing.

To add to that it will be the first time the company produces it’s very own smartwatch after they previously collaborated with Huawei and Misfit on products such as the Huawei Watch Ladies pictured above. CES 2017 has seen a number of manufacturers and fashion brands announce smartwatches with the updated Android Wear 2.0 just around the corner. Even Google themselves are in on the act gearing up for at least two of their own android wear smartwatches to be released at the start of the year.

Just a couple of months ago the smartwatch market came under criticism for not delivering what critics believe to be the must-have feature and killer app, though fitness tracking features are proving hugely popular and remain the main sell for smartwatches and fitness trackers alike. Fitbit’s companion app topped the app store over the holiday season as many people woke up to unwrap wearable technology gifts brought for them by their friends and family. CES 2017 has seen a continued march forward for the category as a whole.

As and when new information about the Swarovski smartwatch comes in, we will post all the juicy details.

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