Tag Heuer Connected Unprecedented Demand

Tag Heuer Connected Unprecedented Demand


It has only been around a month since Tag Heuer launched its Connected smartwatch. Still, the demand for it has been so strong that the Swiss watchmaker has had to ramp up their production of the device to meet retailers’ orders, according to Louis Vuitton SE’s watch chief. Tag Heuer launched their first smartwatch, the Carrera-inspired Connected, last month.

The Connected runs Android Wear and boasts a 360 x 360, 1.5-inch LCD display protected by a sapphire crystal and a low-voltage Intel Atom Z34XX processor. It has a battery life of around a day – that’s on-par with other current-generation Android Wear devices – and it can be used with Android or iOS devices, with support for Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.2+.

The Connected is one of the more technologically advanced smartwatches on the market running the Android Wear operating system. Both the draw of the TAG Heuer brand and the software beneath have seemingly helped its appeal, as Bloomberg reports.

Unprecedented Demand

Bloomberg reports that LVMH Moët Hennessy, Louis Vuitton SE’sSE’s watch chief, has revealed that retailers and subsidiaries have ordered roughly 100,000 Tag Heuer Connected smartwatches since the device was launched. In response to this, the production of the Connected over the next few months will be increased to meet demand.

The current production cycle sees 1,200 devices manufactured per week, and Tag Heuer is aiming to boost this to 2,000 devices per week. And in a move that only Tag Heuer could pull off in the smartwatch market, it has been revealed that online sales of the watch will likely be suspended until the mid-next year to give priority to physical stores.

When the Tag Heuer Connected was launched, some people said that it was too much money for a smartwatch and that the brand appeal of Tag would not be enough to make it a commercial success. These latest reports go some way to dispelling those opinions. However, it’s important to remember that Bloomberg’sBloomberg’s report is based on retailer demand – not consumer demand. You see, retailers can buy millions of something and sell nothing of it, and we don’t know how many people are going to buy this watch.

What we do know is that retailers are optimistic based on these reports and that Tag Heuer is raking money in from it, which will more than likely open the doors for other high-end traditional watchmakers to get involved within the smartwatch sector. It remains to be seen then how well this device can compete with other Android Wear devices that are cheaper as well as the Apple Watch, which is dominating the wearables market. So hold this space while we await sales reports in the New Year.

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