The Hugo Boss Touch is a Classy, Formal Smartwatch for Professionals

The Hugo Boss Touch is a Classy, Formal Smartwatch for Professionals

Take a gander at the smartwatch market, and you’ll notice that smartwatches generally fall into three categories: Sporty (Moto 360 Sport), Rugged (Casio WSD-F20), and Formal (Movado Connect). These three tiers serve consumers well, and there are even all-in-one devices, such as the HUAWEI Watch 2nd gen and Samsung Gear S3, for those who want it all.

The area that’s seen the most interesting new devices recently is the Formal one, with Movado launching their Connect smartwatch and Tommy Hilfiger launching their curiously named TH24/7You smartwatch at Baselworld 2017.

What’s interesting is both of those devices are Movado-made smartwatches – and they aren’t done yet. Movado has also announced a new Hugo Boss smartwatch called the Hugo Boss Touch, and it looks like it’s going to be one of the classiest smartwatches of 2017.


The Hugo Boss Touch

The Hugo Boss Touch is a touchscreen smartwatch that’s available with either a polished stainless steel case or a carbon black IP stainless steel case. It will launch with over 30 unique, pre-installed watch faces and it will run Android Wear 2.0, so it will have access to its own Play Store where you can download additional watch faces and useful applications.

The case size hasn’t been announced, but we suspect it’ll be 42mm or 44mm since that’s in the same ballpark as the Movado Connect. The screen specifications haven’t been announced either, however, journalists that have had a hands-on with the device say the screen is sharp, vibrant and responsive. In terms of internals, the Hugo Boss Touch has a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and 512MB of RAM.

In addition to silver or black case, the Touch will also be available with a variety of different watch straps, including leather and silicone straps. These appear to be secured in place by regular lugs, so you should be able to use any third-party strap.

In terms of sensors and connectivity, the Hugo Boss Touch has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and it also has NFC so you’ll be able to use Android Pay. It does without a heart rate sensor, however, so fitness-junkies should look elsewhere (the trade-off for that, by the way, is a slimmer and lighter device). It will still track your steps, sleep and day-to-day activity though, so you’ll be able to review your daily activity on the watch or on your smartphone.

Hugo Boss Touch Price and Availability

If you like what you’ve read, the Hugo Boss Touch smartwatch will go on sale in August for $395. It will be available from several online retailers, and directly from Hugo Boss department stores. There’s no word on which countries will get it first, however, we expect the US and Europe to get first dibs since these are key markets for Hugo Boss.

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